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Diana Beabout

Lead IT Teacher

Career Snapshot

I am a lifelong learner and educator with more that 20 years experience in education as a teacher, mentor and coach in the United States, Japan, China and now Qatar. Originally from a small town in Illinois (USA), a trip to Europe during college and a stint as an English instructor in Japan cemented my interest in education as a career and a love of travel.

After teaching social studies, language arts and ESL and coaching and mentoring teachers in secondary schools in Missouri and Colorado, I made the move overseas to an international school in China. It was there that I was introduced to Kim Cofino and was encouraged to participate in the first online COETAIL cohort. I was seeing the increase in access to digital tools and resources in education and wanted to improve how they were used in my classroom with my students.

Through the COETAIL course I had a major mindshift about education in general and saw how new possibilities in how we approach education were becoming reality. My PLN grew quickly and expanded globally and I was greatly impacted by my interactions with educators in a variety of teaching situations from around the world. With my new found interest in innovative education and my experience with coaching, I moved into the role of  learning innovation coach at my school.

I was fortunate to spend the next three years coaching and supporting teachers in providing positive, productive learning experiences for their students. I also grew professionally through this experience as I was coached and supported by my teammates and mentors. This is when I realized how, as educators,  our abilities to coach each other has an impact on our students and our school culture.

I began to invest more time and energy in improving my coaching and facilitating skills. I connected with other coaches at conferences and via social media, shared my learning through professional learning events and have found an energized community of teacher-leaders who are committed to innovative education. 

  • Travel – I want to get to know the people, culture, music, food and maybe even a bit of the language wherever I go. The more I learn about the people and places I encounter, the more I learn about myself. I have accepted that I am a global nomad with a chronic travel bug.
  • Music – I love discovering new music and enjoying favorite classics whether it’s in an Irish pub, a Japanese karaoke bar, an American arena or through digital sources that can find a song for me that I didn’t even realize was my new favorite.
  • Japanese Tea and Sushi – Spending a few years in Japan led to my appreciation of beautiful, earthy Japanese teas and the delicious goodness of sushi. I’ve now become an advocate for keeping sweeteners away from green tea and giving (authentic) sushi a chance. (it’s not all raw fish!)
Awards, Accolades, Honors
  • Masters in Education (Curriculum and Instruction)
  • Certificate of Education Technology and Information Literacy (COETAIL)
  • Apple Teacher
  • St. Louis Blues (NHL) Blue Apple Teacher Award
Location: Doha

I participated in Eduro’s first Coaching: Theory to Practice course and then after some co-facilitating with Kim, I am thrilled to now be a part of the Eduro team as a facilitator and mentor. Five years ago, I would have never thought I’d be so involved in supporting the professional development of my fellow educators. But I’ve had some great coaches and mentors who’ve helped me see the possibilities and supported me forging new paths in my own journey.


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