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This course teaches you the ins and outs of G Suite tools for Education and prepares you to take the Google Education Level 1 and Leve 2 Exams.

Using Google’s G Suite tools and Cloud-Based Technologies in the Classroom This course is to prepare educators to use Google Apps for Education in their classroom with students. The course utilizes Google training materials and digital based learning theories to explore the power of the Google Apps suite of tools as well as cloud-based technologies in the K-12 settings.

Course Curriculum

LMS Tutorial Videos 00:00:00
Course Outline 00:00:00
Learning System Overview 00:00:00
Google+: Building a Profile 00:00:00
Chrome 00:00:00
Level 1
Search Lesson 1 00:00:00
Gmail: Priority Inbox 00:00:00
Calendar: Basics 00:00:00
Drive: Basics 00:00:00
Drive: Sharing, Privacy, Publishing and Printing 00:00:00
Sites: Starting a Site 00:00:00
Google Classroom – Assignment Workflow and Ownership 00:00:00
Level 2
Search: Lesson 2 00:00:00
Google+: People and Communities 00:00:00
Gmail: Labs 00:00:00
Gmail: Archiving and Organizing 00:00:00
Calendars: Multiple Calendars 00:00:00
Drive: Documents 00:00:00
Drive: Presentations 00:00:00
Sites: Pages, and Page Layout 00:00:00
Google Classroom – Class Code 00:00:00
Level 3
Search: Lesson 3 00:00:00
Google+: Hangouts 00:00:00
Gmail: Tasks are for Tasks 00:00:00
Calendars: Sharing, Publishing, and Embedding 00:00:00
Drive: Sheets 00:00:00
Drive: Forms 00:00:00
Sites: Gadgets and Embedding 00:00:00
Google Classroom – Email Notifications 00:00:00
YouTube Channels 00:00:00
Master Level
Becoming a Search Master 00:00:00
Google+: Going Deeper 00:00:00
Gmail: Contacts and Mobile Devices 00:00:00
Calendars: Labs and accessing via Mobile Devices 00:00:00
Sites: Sharing, Publishing, Protecting 00:00:00
Drive: Add-ons 00:00:00
Drive: Drawing 00:00:00
Google Classroom – Upcoming Assignments 00:00:00
Final Project (GAFE) 00:00:00
Feedback from You (Premium Bundle) 00:00:00
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