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Course Curriculum

Getting Started with your Microcredential
Welcome to The Coach Microcredential 00:00:00
LMS Tutorial Videos 00:00:00
Meet our 2019 Coach Cohort 00:00:00
Private Forum: Coach Better 00:00:00
Program Schedule 00:00:00
The Personal Project Overview (The Coach) 00:00:00
Coaching Fundamentals (Optional Pre-Course)
Defining the Role of the Coach 00:00:00
Coaching in Practice 00:00:00
Exploring Coaching Models 00:00:00
Starting and Growing Your Personal Learning Network
What is a PLN? 00:00:00
Finding Your Tribe 00:00:00
PLN: Making it Work! 00:00:00
Stop & Reflect 1 00:00:00
Coaching Essentials
What Instructional Coaching Looks Like in Practice* 00:00:00
How To Have A Coaching Conversation* 00:00:00
Essential Skills for Instructional Coaches* 00:00:00
Coaching: From Theory to Practice
*What is Coaching? (Coaching as Leadership) 00:00:00
*Why Do Schools Need Coaches? 00:00:00
*How do coaches work? Learning from coaching styles 00:00:00
*What challenges do coaches face? 00:00:00
*Coaching for School-Wide Change (Coaching to Develop Leaders) 00:00:00
Stop & Reflect 2 00:00:00
Personal Project Preparation (Mid-Point)
Personal Project: Mid-Point Forum Reflection (The Coach) 00:00:00
Personal Project: Mid-Point Resource Review (The Coach) 00:00:00
Personal Project: Mid-Point Video Reflection (The Coach) 00:00:00
Innovative Pedagogical Approaches
Learning Looks Different Now 00:00:00
Making It Work 00:00:00
Authentic Audience 00:00:00
Stop & Reflect 3 00:00:00
Digital Citizenship in the Classroom
Empowering Your Students to be Responsible in the Digital World 00:00:00
Staying Safe in a Digital World 00:00:00
Integrating Digital Citizenship into your Curriculum 00:00:00
Leading the Digital Shift: Technology for Leaders
Developing a Shared Vision of Technology for Learning 00:00:00
Cultivating a Culture of Learning in a Technology-Rich Environment 00:00:00
Holding the Learning Community Accountable 00:00:00
Stop & Reflect 4 00:00:00
Supporting Your Parent Community
Engaging Your Parent Community* 00:00:00
Leading Parent Learning* 00:00:00
Partnering with Parents: Conversations for Deeper Learning* 00:00:00
The Personal Project
Getting Started: What is the Personal Project? (The Coach) 00:00:00
Completing Your Project (The Coach) 00:00:00
Sharing Your Personal Project (The Coach) 00:00:00
Learning Journey Reflection (The Coach) 00:00:00
Completion of Your Microcredential
Submit Your Work for Final Evaluation 00:00:00
Wrapping Up (The Coach) 00:00:00
Feedback from You (The Coach Microcredential) 00:00:00
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