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Mar 17, 2017


Everett Public Schools hosts “Parenting in a Digital World” workshop for parents

While you may be familiar with the parenting courses Eduro Learning offers, Parenting in the Digital Age, we also offer face-to-face parenting workshops through the school districts we work with. School districts that partner with Eduro often incorporate learning opportunities for parents along with the traditional face-to-face work we do with educators.

On a Thursday in February, we hosted an event in partnership with Everett Public Schools for parents in the district called “Parenting in a Digital World.” Parents from the school district were invited to attend this workshop to learn about the positive benefits and opportunities available to their children through social media and digital tools. Parents also learned tips to help their children make good choices, develop self control, and deal with the many distractions in the digital world.

One parent commented: “Parents should sit and have the conversation with their children about the use of technology and what they’re doing with that technology. For example, if they have an Instagram account, we should be making sure that we’re having the conversation about why they’re putting the pictures they’re putting on there and what pictures they’re liking and why. Make sure you’re having an engaged conversation about how they’re using technology so it doesn’t feel like you don’t understand what they’re doing. It will open up that communication between you and your child.”

While parents learned ways to navigate the new digital world of parenting, their children attended a Student Tech Summit. They were given an opportunity to learn to code on district provided Chromeboooks.

When asked what he took away from the workshop, one student said, “Parents have a different view of technology than we do. The school district has a passion for helping us prepare for the future.”

Parents in the workshop discovered that keeping an open dialogue about the technology their child uses is vital. One parent remarked, “The younger we start teaching them these rules and setting up this lifestyle, the better they’re able to adapt and make the right choices.”

A teacher working with Eduro Learning on implementing 1:1 chromebooks in her classroom was very glad that parents were able to attend this workshop to learn more about how their children would be working with technology. “This workshop was wonderful for parents right before we go 1:1 digital in the schools, and it gave parents an opportunity to talk with Eduro Learning and find answers to questions they had as far as too much technology, too little technology, or just the right amount of technology. I think that was one of the things we needed: to bring Eduro Learning in so we could ask those questions. I’m very glad they came.”

Join us at our next Parenting in the Digital Age workshop! Our next parenting event will be held in Marysville with the Marysville School District. The event, “Navigating the Digital World with Teens” will be held March 21st. Parents and students are welcome.

If you’re unable to join us in Marysville, sign up for our parent newsletter to receive emails to help you be more comfortable parenting in the digital age.

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