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Eduro Learning Institute: Seattle

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July 2, 2015 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Seattle, United States

Credit Options

hol$15 for 7 clock hours provided by our partner Heritage Institute

All Strands are
Common Core Aligned


Pier 66

Coffee/Lunch/Parking Included!

A one day institute for educators that goes in-depth into the changing pedagogy of teaching and learning in a connected classroom. This institute is for educators who want to learn how to leverage technology within the learning environment to empower student learning and build new ways of learning within their classroom.

What to Expect at an Eduro Learning Institute

Strand Information

Strand 1: Teaching in a Connected Classroom

We know that students have access to many more devices than the school provides. How can we leverage those multiple devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones, wearables) in the classroom to create a dynamic and student-centered learning experience? What are the practicalities of having so many varied devices in one classroom? How can we be empowered ourselves for this environment that is constantly changing? How can we tap into student enthusiasm to build authentic learning opportunities?

Learning Outcomes

In this session participants will:

  • uncover the potential of multiple (often student-owned) devices in the classroom;
  • develop strategies to help students effectively manage multiple devices in the classroom;
  • build an understanding of digital citizenship that empowers students to make good choices;
  • explore ways to expand the classroom by connecting with others around the world;
  • discover a variety of online tools that make the most of the devices students have;
  • (re)design a task or assessment to leverage the devices used in their classroom.

Strand 2: Empowering Student Creators

Students have access to constantly evolving platforms for sharing their ideas. How can we leverage these platforms to empower our students’ authentic voices? What experiences are relevant to today’s students? How can we bring social learning into our classrooms, and help students build an authentic audience? Knowing that students are comfortable in this changing learning landscape, how can we empower them as leaders in our schools?

Learning Outcomes

In this session participants will:

  • build an understanding of how technology integration relates to thinking skills;
  • uncover the prime conditions for enabling authentic student creativity;
  • discover a variety of online tools that leverage authentic student voice;
  • learn the ways in which authentic audiences can be built for sharing;
  • design authentic tasks that transforms student learning.

Strand 3: To Infinity and Beyond
with Google Apps for Education


Collaboration is an essential skill, both within the classroom and beyond. How can you leverage the technology you have available to create a truly collaborative learning environment? How do we apply free collaborative tools in authentic ways to empower ourselves as teachers and our students as learners? What does it really mean to create, share, communicate, and learn in this type of environment?

Learning Outcomes

In this session participants will …….

  • build an understanding of how search is the foundation of Google services;
  • learn how to leverage the use of Google Drive in the classroom;
  • build on Google Drive apps with Google Add-ons;
  • understand how Google services can be integrated together;
  • discover the power of Google Classroom and Google+ Communities.


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