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Jun 02, 2017


How is learning different today?

Eduro Learning FB Live 1 / 2 June Show Notes

Featuring Kim Cofino

Show Description

Learning looks different than when we were students. Technology is now front and center of your child’s learning, especially if their school has transitioned to a one device per student (often written 1:1, and also called “one to one”) model. This means that your children are often on a device for an extended time period at school, and then they’re expected to do homework at night. Parents might wonder, why are they spending so much time on technology? What’s so different about learning today that they need to be online all the time? Today’s FB live event will highlight the ways that learning is different today, so that parents (and teachers who are often discussing this topic with parents) can get an inside look at what we’re doing with all those devices at school and why they’re so important!

Show Notes

How is learning different today?

What’s changed?

How is learning different?

  1. It’s not about content. It’s about understanding.
    • Now that we can easily google facts and content, it’s no longer critical to memorize content (and regurgitate it back on a test like we used to)
    • Now we need to be able to demonstrate our understanding through the purposeful creation of new content
    • The focus has shifted from memorization to sense making, connecting diverse ideas and communicating our thinking
  2. Learning is always on.
    • Students are following their passions and interests and taking their true learning outside of the classroom, using tools like YouTube, to build their skills and knowledge (and then share with others) – this is individualized learning.
    • The concept of a “blended classroom” allows teachers to create a classroom space that is virtual, so that learning doesn’t have to stop when the class period is over. The blended classroom can use any tool, and one of the most popular ones at the moment is Google Classroom.
    • A blended classroom allows learners to access classroom resources anytime anywhere.
  3. Creating. Not Consuming.
    • Because the focus has shifted to developing deeper understandings, rather than memorizing content, the kinds of tasks students are asked to do are more than just demonstration of content, but more about demonstrating a deeper understanding of a concept.
    • There are less tests and essays, and more creative products being produced to demonstrate understanding.
    • In many cases format that these creative pieces take can be using technology tools which are often not associated with school, like games, video, social media and interactive graphics.
  4. Sharing is Big.
    • Instead of producing work to be viewed only by the classroom teacher (or classmates), students are now producing work for authentic audiences.
    • When tasks are assigned, teachers are ensuring there is a purpose – answering the “why are we doing this” and “who is this for” questions.
    • Creating work to be shared with an authentic audience is not only more purposeful, but it is highly motivating and empowering for students.
  5. Interaction and Community
    • More and more learning is happening outside of the classroom, and it’s happening through peer-to-peer learning.
    • Individuals are able to connect based around a common interest, and begin to build a community around their shared learning goal.
    • In those spaces interaction and feedback is frequent, often immediate.
    • Teachers are experts at building community in a face-to-face environment and are now taking that skill into online spaces as well – bridging the gap between the physical and virtual world.


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