Coaching Essentials: How to Build Momentum Around Coaching


This mini-course is designed for coaches who want to understand how change management works, so you can scale your coaching practice from “working with the willing” to working with the majority of the stakeholders in your school community. If you already have some success with coaching, but you want to work with more coaching partners, this course is for you!


It’s our responsibility to work with everyone. So, how do you bring coaching to those that don’t express an interest at the outset?

No matter how many people are in your coaching portfolio, it’s likely that there will be some who are eager to work with you, and others, not so much. This is because in this sense, coaching may represent change. Whether it’s the change of the instructional practices you are bringing, or the change of becoming reflective practitioners, or the change of inviting others into classrooms. At many levels, coaching is synonymous with change.

This mini-course focuses on two key theories about change management that will ensure you are able to leverage your work with individuals, to working with many!

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will …

– understand change management theory and how it applies to coaching.

– recognize the ways that you can use the stages of customer awareness to communicate your role as a coach.

– apply a variety of strategies to leverage your work with individuals, to work with many.


Time required to complete this course content:

1-3 hours (approx.)


Who is this suitable for?

Applicable for anyone in a coaching role, or just starting out in a coaching position; K-12 teachers, staff development trainers, administrators, or anyone looking to increase their coaching skills and processes.

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