Getting Started as an Instructional Coach

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Designed for new or aspiring coaches, this online course + community will help you develop confidence and competence in all the skills you need to be successful as an instructional coach. You’ll build your coaching skills while learning about the influential leadership responsibilities of the role, the nuances of working with adults, and how to become an advocate for coaching in your school. Along with the curated coaching content in the course, you’ll also have the option to schedule 4 private 20-min Office Hours sessions with Kim and get access to The Coach Global Community group coaching calls for two months.

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Are you just getting started as an instructional coach?

The move from a classroom position to a coaching role can be tricky because there are so many different elements to being a coach that are not part of classroom teaching.

You’re often expected to:

– lead without being a formal leader;

– see the big picture, often without having all the puzzle pieces;

– inspire your colleagues without having a class of your own; and

– be the connection between teachers and leaders, without really being part of either team.

Want to make your first year(s) as a coach a success?

This course is for YOU!

Being a coach can feel like you’re in the “messy middle” because you’re no longer in the classroom with really clearly defined expectations, but you’re also not a school leader, with clearly defined authority.

You are learning and building new leadership skills that stem from your expertise as a classroom teacher, and can definitely be the bridge to a leadership position, but you’re in a gray area as a coach.

It’s not always easy to make this transition, and there are some key strategies you can apply to feel confident, calm and capable – even in your first year as an instructional coach!

This course is designed to do just that!

What’s in The Course?

This course is MORE than just content – it’s a community:

Curated Content Designed for New or Aspiring Coaches (even if “coach” isn’t in your job title)

The content in this course is designed specifically for new coaches to answer the question we hear most often: how do you get started as an instructional coach?

You’ll find everything you need to make your transition from the classroom to a coaching role as smooth as possible!

The course includes modules about…

The Foundations of Coaching: what it is, how it works, why all schools should have coaches

– Your Leadership Mindset: recognizing the power of influential leadership

– Intentional Relationship Building: learning how to be strategic in developing relationships

– Coaching Advocacy: understanding the importance of advocating for your role

– Committing to Conversations: navigating the pacing and format of deep coaching conversations

– Strategic Time Management: managing your time and your energy as a coach


– An opportunity to be mentored by our The Coach Alumni – if you’re looking for peer support from an experienced coach, this is it!

Office Hours + Global Community for Support

This is the heart of the community – the time to meet (in real time) and talk about coaching and leadership with others who have a similar level of experience, and similar aspirations.

The community includes:

Group coaching conversations available at different time zones, so you can get the support you need, when you need it – and learn from other coaches around the world (Meeting times alternate weekly: 7am or 4pm GMT+7 (BKK).

Office Hours available every other week for private check-in conversations with Kim for support (20-min time slots available, Calendly booking).

Private forums for the Global The Coach community to share resources like job descriptions, job postings, coaching menus, and other coaching resources that we are all constantly looking for!

– Access to our private Slack workspace to connect outside of group coaching calls.


1 review for Getting Started as an Instructional Coach

  1. Vincent Jan Africa (verified owner)

    I enjoyed my experience going through this self-paced course. It should be considered by anyone interested in coaching who has limited time. I find the sessions helpful and finished the course with important takeaways to get started on any coaching role.

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