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Managing Distractions at Home: Webinar for Parents


Thursday, December 7; 6PM PST; $25
This one hour webinar is designed to answer your most pressing questions about managing the many devices at home. You’ll leave the webinar with ways you can immediately better manage the digital distractions  this holiday season.
Bonus!  If you register for the webinar by December 5, we’ll include two of our best parenting resources, “Top 10 Tips for Managing Screentime” and “Parents Guide to Minecraft” FOR FREE!

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We know that parenting today, with all of our many devices, can be challenging. The addition of so many devices has left many parents wondering how they are supposed to balance screen time with family time, off-screen socialization, sports, and the other many things on our child’s plate each day. Hear what Jennifer, a parent, says after attending an Eduro Learning Parent Session and the changes her family made to their technology use at home.

As we head into the holiday break season, it’s the perfect time to register for our webinar Managing Distractions at Home or enroll in our Parenting in the Digital Age course to prepare you for the digital parenting struggles that happen when kids are on a break from school.


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