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Teaching Critical Literacy in a Multimedia World


Learn how to help students identify and interpret the messages, points of view, and purposes of the media they consume so that they have the literacy skills make critical choices.

Module Topics:

  • Introduction to Critical Literacy:  How to ‘read’ digital texts
  • Search and Research
  • What is News and How do We ‘Read’ It?
  • The Stories in Social Networks
  • Digital Personal Narratives
  • Digital Media Literacy in the Classroom

This course is applicable for any K-12 teachers, staff development trainers, or anyone working with specifically with students and their literacy skills.

All references and materials are located online.

Time commitment: 3-5 hours (approx.) per module.  18-30 hours (approx) for the complete course.
(Note: The Facilitated and For Credit course options have specific timeframes and deadlines)



Heritage Course Number: ED465e

The goal of this course is to provide teachers with tools and strategies to help students apply critical literacy skills to the multimedia world they inhabit. This is not a course in how to identify a fake news story but a way of reading, viewing and seeing that helps students identify and interpret the messages, points of view, and purposes of the media they consume.  This course will provide you with a foundation for teaching your students how to develop their digital critical literacy skills to help them become active, purposeful viewers and creators.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply elements of critical literacy to the many forms of digital communication we use daily;
  • Develop and apply strategies of critical literacy with students to enable their analysis of the digital media they consume and produce;
  • Help students detect bias/purpose/agenda in news and other media;
  • Support student analysis of credibility, bias, and fact in research;
  • Provide students with the tools to critically analyze social media – its purpose, agenda, and effects; and
  • Regularly reflect and share learning through course communication tools.


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