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The Coach Microcredential

(9 customer reviews)


Courses Included


Program Begins: May, 2021

Do you want to feel more confident and inspired in your role as a coach?

Do you want to connect with the leaders in your school to create a coaching culture?

Do you want to leverage your personal professional growth with a mentor who focuses on your priorities?

Do you pride yourself in being up to date in research and current thinking on best practice for coaches?

Are YOU ready to extend your network to include coaches from around the world?

Then the Coach Microcredential mentorship program from Eduro Learning is for YOU!

What do you get with The Coach Microcredential Program:

    All our best coaching content in one place!

    Weekly check-ins with Diana (Academy option) or Kim (Premium option)

    Perfect for you to message your mentor in real-time and get support right as you need it!

    Join our community of Instructional Coaches that connects international, public and private schools from around the world.

Important Dates! 

Early Bird Bonus Package Registration: August 2020
Regular Registration: Feb -2021
The Coach Microcredential Program begins:  May 2021
The Coach Microcredential Program ends: April 2022

Additional information


Honor – no mentor – $947.00, Academy – Mentor Diana Beabout – $1947.00, Premium – Mentor Kim Cofino – $2747.00

9 reviews for The Coach Microcredential

  1. Dalton Flanagan

    What this Coach Microcredential program means for me is that my program is more tailored to my needs and it’s a little bit more customised to what I want to learn and how I want to learn. I’ve enjoyed having a mentor taking me through this program.

  2. Verena Zimmer

    I highly recommend this course. It gives you an overview of a broad variety of topics and the learner can choose to dig deeper depending on the relevance for him/her. Most of the topics were highly meaningful for me and I have feeling to be empowered to drive change in my position at our school. Having a coach made the experience and the learning journey even more successful. It was useful to share difficulties as well as celebrations. My coach always was listening and giving me food for thought so I could continue further.

  3. Jennifer Russell

    This is one of the most relevant and robust PD programs I have participated in. The curation of resources and information alone is worth it! I love learning and connecting and learning with others in similar roles all over the world has been invigorating.

    However, the mentoring piece of the program is my favourite and for my learning style, invaluable! My mentor responds quickly with answers and provides additional resources and links. She makes herself available and supports me in what I am needing at the time.

  4. Nick Garvin

    The Coach Microcredential was hands down one of the best professional development courses I’ve ever experienced. My mentor provided me with an authentic & personalized learning journey that help me become a change agent at my school. The feedback provided is timely and relevant. The content is fresh and the resources are expansive. The communication between mentor and participate is top notch. Through Google Hangouts, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of coaching conversations, as well as big-picture planning through a micro & macro lens. The chats also allowed me to dive deep into areas of interests which in turn help me to grow as a teacher, coach, & global collaborator.

  5. Camlyn Tafa

    The resources and the support are like no other program out there and you deserve and owe it to yourself to have access to all of it! I could not image doing this school year as a 1st time coach and district going 1:1 without Eduro and the Coach Microcredential.

  6. Sudha Rajouria

    I highly recommend the Coach Microcredential program to other educators.
    I enjoyed and gained knowledge about various topics throughout the program. The program was fully accessible in term of language and presentations for a participant whose English as a second language. The self-pace option of the program was fine for a full-time school staff member.

  7. Jana Poukka

    All in all The Coach was one of the best professional development opportunities I’ve ever had. It’s designed to be flexible and meet the needs no matter if you’re new to coaching or if you have been doing it a few years. Being premium level and working with Kim made the experience even better. Not only did she help keep me on track and focused on the coursework, she offered her guidance, expertise, and encouragement in my work and towards my professional goals. Having meetings with the other participants in the cohort also helped broaden my view on coaching topics and hear how coaching works in different schools, different roles, and different backgrounds. The Coach is one of those professional development opportunities I will take with me and draw from no matter where I go, no matter which profession I seek.

  8. Nadia Ellis

    In my experience, PD in general, has been very cookie cutter, one size fits all, it’s always the same for everyone. The Coach microcredential is personalized through time, through what you’re putting into it, it’s personalized through avenues (ie: not for credit). It’s all flexible. The most influential piece for me is the mentorship between Kim and I and the collaborative piece with other participants is the connection piece that I was missing. Having someone outside of your environment who doesn’t bring the bias of the school culture, to have a raw sounding board to bounce ideas off of, you can’t put a price on it!

  9. Nancy Hollmann

    I’ve been an Educational Technology Coach since 4 years at my school. My main role was consulting. This course teaches you everything you need to know about your “real” role as a coach. Excellent resources, experienced mentors and reflective action tasks to complete the modules. This course fosters innovation, sparks your thinking and helps you transform your school environment by leading the digital shift.

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