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Do you teach in a connected classroom?

A connected classroom is a learning environment that is open to the outside world. It’s where students are engaged in real life, authentic learning starting in their own classroom and extends to reach other global learners.

If you’re teaching in or transitioning to a 1:1 model (one connected device per student), it can be simple to create a culture of connectivity in your classroom. Connecting your students with others around the globe helps your students break down the walls that traditionally exist in the classroom to build bridges to other people, countries, and cultures.

Examples of a how you can create a connected classroom include video conferencing applications, social media, and blogging. Start small! While it might sound daunting to connect your classroom to the outside world, there are a variety of small ways to make a big impact on your students’ learning. Use an existing project to jump into a small, one-off, or simple global connection.

One way to do this is through video chat software such as Skype or Google Hangouts. There are many projects that already exist through these applications that you can tap into that will connect your classroom to another one around the globe.

When each student has a connected device, it can be simple to integrate a culture of connectivity to the outside world into your curriculum. Even if your classroom is not 1:1, you can still connect to other classrooms using a shared computer. The easiest way to do this is through video conferencing. You can find more ideas about how to use video conferencing in your classroom here.

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