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Feb 08, 2017


You asked, we listened! Short courses to fit your life.

We listened! We know how busy you are, we know how much you like practical, but short, chunks of professional development. So we’ve created something entirely new just for you!

We’re calling them Express Courses.

Each Express Course is just one week long, but you can complete it at your own pace, so you can devote as much or as little time as you have. These courses offer our most practical and relevant resources, and include an activity to do with your students, so you take your learning immediately back to your classroom.

And the best part, they’re only $47 each! Plus, you’ll have access to the content for a whole year, so if you don’t “finish” the course in that first week, don’t worry!

Here are a few of our favorite new courses:

Fake News and the Responsibility to be Digitally Literate

How do you really know what or who you can trust? This can be scary, particularly in the digital world where fake news can multiply in moments without any analysis or thought before sharing. This course shines a light on how we can frame this idea in the classroom with students. We will dig into some fantastic resources that can be applied in your classroom starting tomorrow!

Respectfully Disagreeing as a Resilient Digital Citizen

The Internet has often been referred to as “The Wild West,” a place where anything goes…a place where people can say whatever they want to say and not be held accountable for it. But what if we changed that? What if we empowered students to own what they say and be held accountable, just as they are in the physical world? This course explores the idea of effective communication in online spaces and how to be resilient as a global citizen.

Breaking Down Classroom Walls to Build Bridges

The word ‘empathy’ comes from the German word ‘Einfühlung’ meaning: ‘ein’= “in” and ‘Fühlung’= “feeling.” How are we able to feel how someone else is feeling? One of the easiest ways is to connect with them. Using a variety of strategies to build bridges and connect with people from around the world are explored, the idea is to give students safe, structured experiences with people different than them. This allows students to discover the similarities and learn from each other. The beauty is that these experiences can easily be connected to standards and curriculum, all the while leaving a profound impact on students.

Empowerment of the People in a Digital World

Learning how to live in a community with rights and responsibilities, now, more than ever before, are vital skills we must help students develop. In terms of Responsible Use Agreements, how can we help students keep themselves accountable for their actions? How can we help students understand that these types of agreements can, not only guide them, but also empower them to make strong decisions?

Check out the rest here.

And if you’re interested in taking your learning further, we also have more in-depth options:

Series Course Series include 3 one-week modules that are tied together by a common theme.

Premium Our traditional Premium Courses include 6 modules tied together by a common theme and can be taken for credit or self-paced.

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