Coaches as Leaders

Leverage Your Leadership as an Instructional Coach!

An online course and community designed for experienced coaches ready to lead!

Are you an experienced coach ready to lead?

Have you been coaching for more than 3 years and you’re ready to leverage your leadership in your role as a coach, and beyond?

Even experienced coaches often don’t see themselves as leaders, but you lead by:

Hi! I'm Kim!

After being an instructional coach in international schools for over 15 years, I’ve spent the last decade supporting coaches and school leaders in developing a thriving coaching culture in The Coach Certificate and Mentorship Program, and through my private consulting services.

What I’ve learned is that even with a strong coaching program, and leadership support, coaches need to embrace their leadership capacity to truly make an impact in their school community.

Coaching is a special role, with a unique viewpoint. You work directly with teachers and leaders. You are an expert in pedagogy and adragogy. You have the potential to influence school-wide change through the relationships you build. You know exactly how to maximize the capacity of every staff member on campus.

But, you will only truly leverage this potential once you recognize and embrace your informal leadership as a coach. The exact leadership skills you’re building right now will support you in your coaching role and beyond!

Here's Why You Need to Take Coaches as Leaders!

When you first start out coaching, you are often able to make a big impact by working with individual teachers...

But over time, you need to embrace your leadership to:

These aspects of coaching as leadership are easy to miss. You can try to stay at the 1:1 individual coaching level, but you will soon run out of time and capacity to work with every teacher individually.

To truly grow a coaching culture you need to leverage your leadership!

What's Inside?

By the end of the course you'll

Name Your Leadership

Recognize your leadership capacity by identifying and naming the leadership skills you demonstrate in your coaching role so you can confidently articulate your value as a coach

See the Big Picture

Be prepared to audit and then lead the development or refinement of your coaching program with a big-picture strategic viewpoint

Scale Your Impact

Strategically leverage your current coaching practice to become embedded within curriculum and development planning processes in your school

Manage Coaching Challenges

Navigate critical conversations with school leaders to advocate for coaching & develop strategies to work with reluctant teachers

Lead Professional Learning

Confidently lead professional learning in a variety of contexts: within your school community & beyond!

Support All Stakeholders

Be visible as a leader in your coaching role by working with all community stakeholders, including parents

It's not just a course, it's a community!

How does the community work?

Office Hours

Four (4) 20-min sessions with Kim to get all your questions answered!

These optional sessions are available to discuss anything related to coaching – within the course, and beyond.

Sessions are bookable using Calendly – so you can fit these meetings into your schedule whenever works for you! Times display in your time zone to make them easy to book.

Office hours allow you personalize your learning so you always feel supported, and so we can adapt course content to your unique school context

Real Time Community Calls

Learning doesn’t happen in isolation! Connect with other course participants in our global cohort calls.

These optional sessions are once a month, based on the time zones of our global participants.

Sessions are designed to support you in building your personal learning network, and discuss your learning with other community members.

For those who value connecting with others in similar roles, community calls help you make those connections.

Note: no real-time meetings are required to complete the course. They are offered as an option to provide the highest quality level of service for our amazing participants!

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