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Focused Goal

5 x 60-minute sessions

(to be used within 3 months)

USD $1450

Deep Dive

10 x 60-minute sessions

(to be used within 6 months)

USD $2450

Personal Professional Transformation

15 x 60-minute sessions

(to be used within 9 months)

USD $3450

All mentorship packages include:

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– A focused goal, like updating your resume & interviewing for new positions.

– Problem solving an individual issue with a colleague or a community member.

– Tackling a specific project that would benefit from outside feedback, structure or motivation.

– Guidance on a course or certificate program you’re completing.

– Identifying and mastering a specific skill in your coaching, teaching or leadership practice.

– Digging deep into a specific challenge that requires long term planning & action.

– Tackling a specific project that would benefit from outside feedback, structure or motivation.

– Setting and achieving a specific professional learning goal, with feedback, reflections and deadlines.

– Building a coaching culture in your school community and understanding how to work with all stakeholders.

– Leveraging your leadership skills to strategically move your school community forward.

– Planning a large scale project, looking towards the next major steps in your career path.

How Does the Application Process Work?

Do You Have a Goal in Mind?

Here are some of our most commonly requested themes to discuss!

Finding Your Voice, as a Coach

Are you floundering in coaching conversations? Not sure how to adapt and adjust based on your coachees needs in the moment? Work through the Finding Your Voice protocol with Kim’s guidance & support!

Looking for Your Next Job

Are you an experienced international school educator, considering making a move, and curious about how you can leverage your diverse skills in a new environment?

Personalized PD

Do you have a specific professional learning goal that you are passionate about, and would like a thoughtful, dedicated, engaged coach to support you in your growth?

Embracing Your Inner Leader

Are you ready to uncover, recognize & articulate your hidden leadership strengths so you can confidently take the next step in your professional journey?

Evaluating Your Coaching Program

Does your coaching program need some TLC? Work through the THRIVE Coaching Program Evaluation process with Kim to identify & take action on your program gaps.

Self Paced with Support

Would you like to complete one of our certificate programs , but can’t make the timing of the global cohort work? Combine the self-paced version of the certificate program with a mentorship to get personalized guidance as you learn!

Special Package
Embracing Your Inner Leader

Work through the custom 6-step process, designed by Kim, to help you build the confidence and clarity you need to make the next step in your leadership journey.

The experience includes:

Meet Your Mentor

I'm Kim Cofino

Let me help you embrace your inner leader and make a bigger impact in your school setting! From instructional coaching, to technology rich learning, to building your own business, and looking forward to your future career goals, mentorship with me is all about leveraging your leadership in whatever context feels right for you.

I have been a coach for over 20 years, and I love how coaching can help you uncover your true potential. My clients consistently appreciate the way I help them strategize, plan and implement long term professional growth goals with clear organization, actionable tasks and reasonable timelines – all designed and customized just for you. Whatever you need, I can support you!


I'm Diana Beabout

One thing I’m really passionate about is supporting instructional coaches define their role, and helping them recognize the elements of coaching that are opportunities for leadership.

I’m also eager to share my experience with remote learning having been based in China for the last two years. With the recent challenges due to school closures and limited synchronous learning, many educators are looking for support with educational technology and online coaching and collaboration. I can help you with that!


Inside the Private Mentoring Experience

Curious about what it's like to work with a private mentor?

Meet Sasha Robbins, who has been working with Kim for over 2 years.

In this video, Sasha shares her experience about working on developing her unique voice as a coach, through effective & skilled questioning, in her private mentoring sessions with Kim.


My mentor talked with me not to me (something that is easy to do especially when one has more experience) about what I was doing and where I wanted things to go. It’s perfect for someone who is looking for a change in how to approach and accomplish things in their job or career.

Debra Hernanz

Technology Teacher, Portland, Oregon

Learn more about Debra Hernanz’s private mentoring experience with Eduro in this free, no obligation digital download!

When I become purposeful and intentional that’s when the magic happens. You’re such a good coach, you are good at listening and you take such good notes. I don’t need to worry about documenting my thinking. I now see all the opportunities in my daily life to practice all the new skills I’m learning. Could I have done this on my own? Sure, but something about working with a coach makes it so practical and relevant. We all have it within us to reach our goals, but until you work with a coach, maybe you haven’t allowed yourself the time or the space to improve yourself. If you’re committed, an hour a week is not complicated and the impact is massive.

Christina Botbyl

Director of Curriculum, American International School of Kuwait

Having a personal coach means personalized conversations, personalized professional learning and growth. I really appreciate that I can set the direction depending on my goals to reflect, improve and get better.

Verena Zimmer

EdTech Coach, GESS, Singapore

It’s the connection piece that I was missing. Having someone outside of your environment who doesn’t bring the bias of the school culture, to have a raw sounding board to bounce ideas off of, you can’t put a price on that.

Nadia Lee Ellis

Classroom Teacher, Laos

I’d recommend Eduro Learning’s private coaching to anyone who’s in a situation of coaching others or anyone who is looking to change their practice.

Adrienne Michetti

MS Digital Literacy Coach, UWCSA

I believe the most effective way for teachers to grow is through coaching. Therefore if teachers needs coaches then coaches need coaches too! I became a coach because I experienced first hand the transformative power of coaching on my own teaching practice and my students growth. I’m a brand new coach so when I heard about Kim Cofino & Eduro Learning I jumped at the chance to have her mentor me personally. It’s made all the difference! I’m becoming a better listener, questioner and thinking partner because I see Kim modeling these skills for me weekly. The heart of coaching is support and respect and Kim leads by example. I look forward to our weekly sessions because not only do I gain from having a thinking partner,I get to watch an extraordinary coach in action. I look forward to our weekly sessions!

Sasha Robbins

Instructional Coach BBS, Kuwait

Kim helped to unlock aspects of myself that I didn’t know existed. I worked with Kim on my resume, interview prep, conference presentation, and expanding my knowledge about coaching. After every call, I felt so confident and ready to take on anything. The work I did with Kim had a significant impact on me getting selected to present at the NESA Spring Educators Conference and being hired as an Instructional Coach for Literacy next school year.

Abby Al Bassam

American International School of Kuwait

Start Your Journey Now

Focused Goal

5 x 60-minute sessions

(to be used within 3 months)

USD $1450

Deep Dive

10 x 60-minute sessions

(to be used within 6 months)

USD $2450

Personal Professional Transformation

15 x 60-minute sessions

(to be used within 9 months)

USD $3450

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