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Does your school have clearly articulated goals, but you can’t quite visualize how to get everyone on board and moving forward as an effective team?

Is your team bored with professional development that doesn’t match the needs and context of your school culture?

Let us help you! We can design a custom learning program for your team today!

We know that sustainable change begins with teams learning together. More than just one-off PD day and deeper than a “school wide” goal, group ownership of any initiative leads to distributed leadership. Teams learning together is the key to long term impact in your school setting!

We worked closely with the Eduro team to create and tailor the instructional coaching course to meet our individual school’s needs. We had a cohort of about 15-17 heads of department, coordinators, and a counselor who took the 8-week course together as a middle-leadership cohort team. It enabled us to build the capacity within our leaders. As a result of taking this course together, we developed a coaching executive team that is putting into action what we learned and developed during the course.

Christina Botbyl

Curriculum Director, AISKuwait

Why Design a Custom Package for Your School?

Why Teams?

When teams of teachers experience professional learning together, they:

Why Eduro?

Our courses are:

Why Custom Cohorts?

When schools work with Eduro to create custom cohorts of our courses, you get all of the items to the left, plus:

Before we started with Euro Learning for our Custom Cohort of The Coach Certificate & Mentorship Program, our team was quite scattered. We had a variety of perspectives on what coaching meant. Afterwards I feel like we’re in a much better place, and we now have a foundation to build on

For me, a bigger part of the course has been shaping the coaching culture for a whole school. Really diving into how you impact a whole organization to think about coaching was the area that this course really helped me to think about.

Sandra Chow

Director of Innovative Learning, Keystone Academy, Beijing, China

How can you value your team but still provide a wide range of choice for your colleagues?

We’ve designed our special season menu for teams based on our experiences as a team. Often we are short on time and need a streamlined approach to galvanise our team around professional learning. That’s why this menu prioritises:

We’ve put together three different ways your team can delve deeper into a topic. Buy and use one, two or all three of them together – the choice is yours!

Why does this work?

Regardless of disruptions, or differences in schedules each member of your team can pursue their learning in their own time before coming together.

No matter where you are, or whether a member of your team is away from campus or not, our learning travels with you.

Cost Effective
No need to worry about airfare or visas. Our online options leverage your team and value your expertise without adding travel costs and draining your PD budget.

We Get It!
As educators ourselves we’ve participated in ‘adult learning’ that did not value us as adults. Our options know you deserve to learn the way you like to learn, that’s why our pathways are rich in choice.

Level Up Options
We offer special mentoring opportunities that can be paired with any item on our menu to help leverage the learning.

One Size Does Not Fit All
That’s why we have a wide variety of options available for different schedules and needs.


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Annual Global Cohorts

designed to provide personalized professional learning with in a global community.

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Join us for one of our premium learning experiences, or customize your own cohort, just for your school!

Last school year, a group of colleagues and I read and talked about racism and antiracism, and we were looking for support with our next steps to continue this work at our school. We were very fortunate to hear about Eduro Learning’s Anti-Bias Education course with Gary Gray. Throughout this course, Gary helped us think deeply about our identities and dig out our biases, and he also gave us tools to bring this work into our schools. It was a powerful opportunity to have thought-provoking conversations with teachers from my school and from other schools. Thanks to Gary, my colleagues and I now have a clearer idea of where we’re headed and how we can get there. 


international Educator

Lauren Sepctor

What do our clients say?

Teams can be big or small: from teams of two, to whole departments, to an entire grade level or division!

Coaching Essentials: Getting Started as an Instructional Coach

"Going through this course with colleagues was a good way to get us on the same page, and to help us set goals for next year about better defining our roles, the coaching cycle, etc.."


Coaching Foundations: The Coach Approach

"Being able to talk about the course with my colleague in secondary school, who did the course at the same time; we reached a shared understanding about coaching and identified the factors that we need to address to achieve our coaching goals."


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