Create a Thriving Coaching Culture

with the Thrive Model for Instructional Coaching Success

Are you working on building a coaching culture in your school setting?

To make coaching both sustainable and successful, you need...




Unfortunately, most schools are missing at least one! Is yours?

Use the Thrive Model to find out!

Introducing the Thrive Model

Developed after working with hundreds of coaches and leaders in international schools around the world, the Thrive Model incorporates both the macro view of a coaching program, and the micro view of a coaches practice, to bring together the three essential elements to make coaching both sustainable and successful.

The Thrive Model Includes...


With clarity comes purpose. When we are clear on what the expectations are, we can implement the work, and then evaluate the results.


Consistency clarifies expectations. When you are able to implement coaching with consistency, you can demonstrate to teachers why they might want to opt-in to coaching with you.


Community grows culture. When coaches can begin to develop connections between teachers, to build capacity within the staff, they will build the foundations for a coaching culture.

Thrive Model, copyright Kim Cofino, Eduro Learning. 2022.

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Hi! I'm Kim.

After working as a coach in international schools for over 15 years – in Germany, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan, I started Eduro Learning to support schools and coaches in building a thriving coaching culture.

I have been working with instructional coaches, and school leaders, in schools around the world since 2015.

Even though each school context is different, many of them share the same challenge – they’re missing one of the elements of the Thrive Model which is causing coaching to struggle or become unsustainable in their school setting.

Don’t let this happen at your school! Explore the Thrive Model to see where your school has strengths as well as opportunities to grow.

If you need support as you go through the process, I can help you build the foundations of a thriving and sustainable coaching culture – as an educator, a coach or a school leader!

Why Coaching?

Curious why I believe so strongly in instructional coaching?

Want to learn why YOUR school should invest in coaching?

One reason is...

“Instructional coaching demonstrates the strong belief in growth mindset, professionalism and respect for teachers, knowing that they are always working towards improving their craft and implementing structures to support them. When you hire excellent teachers, instructional coaching and dedicated support for them continuing to develop, is how you retain them.”

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