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Sarah Gross, Board Chair, JFK School, Berlin, Germany

As chair of our school’s supervisory board, I was impressed by immediate as well as long-term results for our large school management team from working with Kim Cofino.

Ms Cofino’s professionalism and personal warmth helped her build trust with the team and enabled our Principals to maximize the productivity of their coaching sessions with her. In both an individual and team coaching context, she helped set clear benchmarks, improved team communication, and empowered each of our team to grow their leadership.

The fact that the coaching took place online proved to be an added benefit. Ms Cofino effectively put to use such online tools as monitor share for work flow reflection, and break out rooms for sensitive smaller discussions. Online meetings also permitted flexible scheduling, even for short term meeting requests.

I highly recommend Ms Cofino and Eduro Learning to any school looking to strengthen its staff or improve its communication and collaboration culture.

Sandra Chow, Director of Innovative Learning, Keystone Academy, Beijing

Before we started, with Euro Learning for our Custom Cohort, our team was quite scattered. We had a variety of perspectives on what coaching meant. Afterwards I feel like we’re in a much better place, and we now have a foundation to build on.

For me, a bigger part of the course has been shaping the coaching culture for a whole school. Really diving into how you impact a whole organization to think about coaching was the area that this course really helped me to think about. Now we have a better strategy moving forward, so that we can have a better impact in terms of what we want to accomplish as a team.

My biggest takeaway was having time to debrief with Kim. It was nice to have a place to talk about not only our team, but where our team was going in terms of leadership, team dynamics, and team organization. It was nice to have somebody to bounce ideas off who really understood our context here as a digital innovative learning department.

Being coached was the most purposeful part of the program. Being coached on a weekly basis really helped me to think about how I want to work with others, like my team members, in coaching them. There’s something about going through it yourself that helps you a lot more when you coach others.

We really appreciated that the Eduro team really understands our international context. Having somebody who understands global competencies, and how to interact and in a setting where people come from all over the world, not just that we’re multicultural, but that we literally come from all over the world and live in a different country, was very important to us.

What I really liked about Eduro Learning was that we were able to just have a custom experience – in terms of content, timeline & community. I was able to work with Kim and design a program that worked for us.

Christina Botbyl, Curriculum Director AISK, Kuwait

The Eduro team are experts in creating sustainable, cost-effective professional learning. Their collaborative approach enables schools to customize and co-create bespoke learning experiences that lead to measurable impact.

We worked closely with the Eduro team to create and tailor the instructional coaching course to meet our individual school’s needs. We had a cohort of about 15-17 heads of department, coordinators, and a counselor who took the 8-week course together as a middle-leadership cohort team.

As a result of taking this course together, we developed a coaching executive team that is putting into action what we learned and developed during the course.

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