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Let us help you thrive in the digital age.

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“Thank you for understanding that we are all at different levels, with different preconceptions, abilities, and ages. We are coming from so many different places, and when you listen to one of us, the effort you put forth to us, that spreads.”

~ Marysville School District PARTICIPANT, 2016

Our partnerships transform learning.

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We can help you understand your child’s digital life.

Our online courses are specifically designed for you, featuring the very best resources to help you and your children make good choices in a rapidly changing world.

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We’re teachers helping teachers.

Our online courses, micro-credentials and events provide relevant, engaging and practical professional development that you can implement immediately in your classroom.

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We’ve seen the future. And we can help you get there.

Our customized partnerships involve all stakeholders in your school community, from students to parents to teachers and leaders.


Managing Devices at Home: Conversation Starters & Family Media Agreement

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The Complete Guide to Designing Technology-Rich Units

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The Administrator’s Guide to Classroom Walk-Throughs

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