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I work with schools around the world in custom coaching packages designed to leverage what’s already working, address what’s not, and grow your coaching program to the next level.

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Custom designed courses for instructional coaches for all experience levels, putting YOU at the heart of your learning within a global cohort community, and private 1:1 office hours sessions with me!

1:1 Private Mentoring

Personalized professional learning that’s as unique as you are! All educators deserve time & space to reflect and grow with an experienced coach and mentor. Spaces are limited.

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Build a thriving and sustainable coaching culture with the Thrive Model!

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Use the Thrive Model to develop

clarity, consistency and community

around coaching in your school community

Developed after working with hundreds of coaches and leaders in international schools around the world, the Thrive Model incorporates both the macro view of a coaching program, and the micro view of a coaches practice, to bring together the three essential elements to make coaching both sustainable and successful.

Welcome to Eduro Learning!

Hi! I’m Kim, Founder of Eduro Learning.

After 15 years as an educator and coach in international schools (Germany, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan), I founded Eduro to help international schools build community through coaching. Learn more about why I believe so strongly in the power of instructional coaching here.

We work with schools and educators who are ready to create a sustainable and thriving coaching culture in their school community.

As an experienced coach, my work with schools is high-touch, deep level support, including 1:1 coaching conversations to help grow your coaching practice and culture.

I’m the host of the #coachbetter podcast, and consistently share free resources on the podcast, our YouTube channel and all social media platforms.

You can find my articles on TIE Online, the EARCOS Journal, the AAIE InterEd Journal, IS Magazine, and The Learning Professional.

Every year I host a global cohort of my academic-year-long online certificate program: The Coach, which is designed to support growing and aspiring coaches in building the essential foundations of a thriving coaching culture in just one academic year following the Thrive Model for Instructional Coaching Success.

If you are ready to build a thriving coaching culture in your school community, let’s work together!

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including global cohorts, private mentoring, self-paced courses, digital workbooks & curated resource collections.

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designed to provide personalized professional learning with in a global community.

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Helping instructional coaches perfect their craft is one of the things we’re most passionate about! We created a whole separate website to curate all of our podcast episodes, YouTube videos, blog posts, and content just for instructional coaches!

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