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We believe that as technology continues to change both the way we learn and the way we think about learning, the power of relationships are more important than ever.

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October 28 -29, 2016
Walla Walla, WA
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Parenting in the Digital Age Certificate


We’re putting the finishing touches on our first certificate for parents. The Parenting in a Digital Age Certificate (PDAC) is being created by educators and parents of pre-teens and teens to help other parents understand the new digitally connected world kids today are growing up in.

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Coaching: From Theory to Practice


Why do schools need learning coaches? What do they do? How do they work successfully with others to build leadership capacity? What are successful strategies we can learn from a variety of coaching areas (literacy, math, science) to positively influence technology coaching?


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Empowering educators in Leveraging technology to Build new learning experiences.

We believe…

  • We believe in empowering individuals in self-directed learning.
  • We believe in leveraging technology in meaningful ways in the classroom and the larger school community.
  • We believe that building communities of learners leads to deeper learning.
  • We believe professional development must be relevant and applicable to the learning environment.
  • We believe in sharing best practices.
  • We believe in the power of being professional.
  • We believe in building communities of learners by providing an environment for professional exchanges.

#LeadingTheChange 2016

The Feedback

I enjoyed this model of professional development, the idea of asking a group of professionals collaborate and produce a product together.

~#LeadingTheChange Participant


Finally, being able to use technology in the classroom, I’ve been waiting since 2005 when I did my master’s in Integrating Technology into the Classroom.

MSD25 Educator

Content/concepts covered through a design cycle framework, size of the group, diversity of group, pacing was great, flexibility of presenters to adjust the schedule according our needs

Create, Capture & Curate BKK

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Digital Trends to Teach, Plus Classroom Layout Concepts

Now that we’re a few weeks into summer break, there’s been a chance to breathe, rest, visit & tour we’ve found a bit of room to review broader concepts that may feed new ideas. Here’s couple of articles we’ve found valuable, and...
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On Games & Gamification in the Classroom

It’s a bold statement in that image, to be sure. She goes on to say: “No one says, ‘Let’s stop reading because there are too many violent books,’” says Idit Harel PhD ’88. “So why say it about gaming? We need to understand this medium better and develop...
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How to Switch Easily Between Multiple Gmail Accounts

Swift and effective, you’ll move deftly between gmail accounts after watching this short Google tip from Simon May. Oh look, extra minutes in your day! You’re welcome....
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Doing The Work

If learning something new was easy, everyone would do it. One of the reasons I love working with school districts and teachers over a long term basis is that you get to really dig in and Do. The. Work. I’ve started many presentations over the past year with:...
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We Have a Choice, They Don’t

We Have a Choice, They Don’t I’m stealing this quote directly from Ben Sheridan. Not sure if he’s the one that came up with it, but that’s who I heard say it… so he gets the credit. It’s a good way to frame and point out where we are in generation gaps. We...
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