Professional Learning for Educators and Instructional Coaches​

We are are small team of teachers, working together to create the resources we wish we had when we started out. We're passionate about transforming student learning!​

I am passionate about the role of coaches in schools and the impact they can have on everything from student learning, to school culture and teacher professional growth. I absolutely love supporting coaches and teachers in taking the next step in their journey.​

Kim Cofino
Eduro Learning

Kim Cofino

I love helping anyone to use technology in the classroom to enhance learning. Being able to connect with and support teachers or instructional coaches who impact student learning inspires me every day.​

Chrissy Hellyer
Eduro Team

Are you looking for Professional Development that is ...​

  • based on a cohort model of a community of like-minded learners?
  • a deep dive into a topic over 8 weeks?
  • led by experienced and knowledgeable facilitators?
  • AND has continuing education quarter credits and/or clock hour options available?

Offered only ONCE a year!​

Our Facilitated Online Courses for Educators and Instructional Coaches​

Facilitated from: October 7, 2019 - December 1 2019​

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