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Self Directed Workbooks!
You’ve been asking for workbooks you can downloads with all of our best resources compiled into one place so you can download once and read and reflect whenever you have time.
We are so excited to share our brand new collection of professional learning workbooks with you. Each one is full of practical resources to help deepen your thinking, inspire new practices and give you the opportunity to take action when you’re ready.
If you prefer to learn “offline”, these are the perfect resource for you!

76 page interactive workbook divided into twelve (12) sections that have prompts for reflection and actions to help you put your learning into practice.

Our Template Starter Pack has both printable & digital (editable) versions of our most popular instructional coaching templates!

Instructional Coaches Workbook Bonus Package

Limited Time
Special Offer!

Purchase The Essential Guide to Becoming an Instructional Coach and get the Template Starter Pack FREE!

Explore #coachbetter conversations with eleven school leaders to see what school leaders really think about coaches and coaching.

A collection of protocols for empowering pivotal conversations. 

A Guide to making the most of your relationship with your mentor.

A toolkit for building better relationships.

A toolkit for building better professional learning on your campus.

Work at your own pace. Designed to work digitally and in print.

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As both an instructional coach and tech time teacher for students, my role at school is unique in that I don’t have a counterpart within my building. The Essential Guide to Instructional Coaching Workbook seemed to have a unique handle on the challenges and joys of my coaching experience. It offered practical tips and encouragement.



Jackie Frens

Looking for your next read?
Your Connected Classroom
Explore Our #coachbetter Collection
We’ve been creating content about coaching for years, and we know it can be hard to find what you’re looking for because we’ve created so much!
So we listened to your requests for an organized collection of all of our videos, podcasts, articles and resources and created the #coachbetter Collection! You can find all of our coaching resources organized by topics requested by YOU in our #coachbetter collection.
Choose to dig deep into one topic, or explore them all! Best of all, you can determine your path to follow because all of the content is organized just for you
#coachbetter collection

We all know what great mentorship feels like, but so few of us receive any training for really understanding and maximising that relationship.  This workbook captures that essence, distilling it into powerful metaphors, tools, and questions which empower both mentor and mentee.  I love that the approach here is one of reciprocity and collaborative learning, with the reflective prompts gently nudging that dialogue. 
As a resource for educators, this workbook manages to present genuine challenge (don’t pick this up if you’re not ready to do some hard thinking), whilst being immediately usable.

5 star rating

Gemma Dawson


Dig deeper with Eduro's Self-Paced Online Experiences
Are you looking for online learning that honors your need to connect with peers or get a little ‘you’ time?

self-paced online course: key elements of a leadership-ready CV

Applicable for any educators wanting to position themselves for future leadership opportunities and looking to ensure that their CV shines!

Digital Literacy in a Connected Classroom

Applicable K-12 and will be appropriate for all school staff (administrators, teachers, coaches, support staff and instructional assistants).

Your Connected Classroom from Local to Global

If you are looking for an opportunity to reimagine what it means to be a ‘connected classroom’, this professional learning experience is for you.

Self-paced / No facilitator / No credit

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Looking Ahead!

Secure your place now! Starts Feb 2021.

Inspired by Malcolm X’s words, “We can’t lead where we won’t go,” we invite you to take a journey of self-discovery and engage in the inner work of personal transformation. As leaders, we cannot expect our school communities to critically reflect on their biases if we don’t do so ourselves.

Leave this MastermindEd with: 

–  a Vision Statement critically reflecting on race and culture in your personal and professional lives;

– a Professional Learning Plan for developing culturally responsive teachers at your school;

– Guides, Tools, and Protocols for understanding and amplifying student of color’s voices; and

– a Culminating Presentation articulating your vision, commitment, and next steps for demonstrating Culturally Responsive Leadership.–  a Vision Statement critically reflecting on race and culture in your personal and professional lives;

I would highly recommend educators sign up with Eduro. The learning is relevant, personalized and delivered in such a flexible way that it honors our busy realities and allows teachers to work at their own pace. The content is carefully curated and Kim and her team are highly experienced in the field of coaching particularly in international schools. I’m thankful for the growth I’ve experienced, PLN connections I’ve made through Eduro and love the positive, empowering, encouraging Eduro community of learning.



Secure your place now! Starts July 27th 2020.

Within this online conversation, you will explore anti-bias education and techniques that will help students no longer be bystanders. We will look closely at ourselves and our own bias to start this work, and understand that “starting the conversation” goes beyond instruction and classroom culture. You will explore how to invite families and the community within this important work also.

Leave this MastermindEd with:

* Effective anti-bias strategies that will “stick” in the classroom and enrich the learning experience for all students and educators; 

* Developed ideas based on identity, diversity, action, and Justice, that blend with your current practices; and

* Be READY to go tools to help students become more alert about themselves, others and the outside world

Gary is an excellent teacher who provided wonderful resources for us and gave us feedback to push our thinking. He was also incredibly supportive of us all during such a difficult time (during a global pandemic) and reminded us that we needed to take care of ourselves and that we could always take a break when needed and get back to the work when we could.


international Educator

Lauren Sepctor

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