MastermindEd: How to start the conversation in your classroom: An Anti-Bias Approach to Education with Gary Gray Jr

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When? Learning begins July 27, 2020

Within this online conversation, you will explore anti-bias education and techniques that will help students no longer be bystanders. We will look closely at ourselves and our own bias to start this work, and understand that “starting the conversation” goes beyond instruction and classroom culture. You will explore how to invite families and the community within this important work also.

Leave this MastermindEd with:

* Effective anti-bias strategies that will “stick” in the classroom and enrich the learning experience for all students and educators; 

* Developed ideas based on identity, diversity, action, and Justice, that blend with your current practices; and

* Be READY to go tools to help students become more alert about themselves, others and the outside world.

Time Commitment:

This extra-special version of MastermindEd will be *8 weeks of facilitated content led by Gary Gray Jnr.
Each week’s content (reading/video/online asynchronous discussion) can take between 1-3 hours of your time.

*MastermindEd is usually 4 weeks of facilitated content.

Who is this for?

Perfect for Educators who are ready to take the next step in their professional learning journey.

A great way to experience modern learning environments.

A excellent opportunity to explore what learning can be like for your students!

This is more than an online course. It’s a new way of learning.

– Are you looking for more from your professional development?

– Are you tired of the same online courses that are full of content, but lack conversation with any lasting impact?

– Do you wish you could take those inspiring conversations you have at conferences and bring them back to your school setting?

You’re in luck! We specialize in personalizing learning and building community in digital spaces.



2 reviews for MastermindEd: How to start the conversation in your classroom: An Anti-Bias Approach to Education with Gary Gray Jr

  1. Tricia Friedman

    This course was and always will be one of the most profound professional learning experiences I have ever had. The resources and the range of tools provided have given me so much to continue to work with. Even though the course ended weeks ago, I have found myself still thinking about the conversations I had with participants. Gary is a remarkable facilitator, I am forever grateful to him for leading this outstanding opportunity.

  2. Lauren Spector

    Gary is a phenomenal teacher who taught us so much about the importance of identity work and unpacking our own biases. He also taught us how to bring this work into our schools. I’m thankful for the powerful discussions we had and for the excellent resources Gary provided. I can’t wait to bring all that I’ve learned back to my school community. I’m very grateful for the incredible opportunity to learn from Gary!

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