Every Educator Deserves a Coach

Many schools are investing in hiring instructional coaches on staff. 

Curious why instructional coaches are so essential in all school communities?

Hi, I’m Kim!


I’m the founder of Eduro Learning, and for the last 10 years I’ve been working with schools & coaches around the world to build thriving coaching communities. Prior to that, I was a coach in international schools for almost 15 years, so I know first hand how powerful coaching can be. 

I put together this page to help you, and your school understand the impact that coaching can have, when implemented successfully, in your school community!

Why do I believe in coaching?

As a teacher, as a coach, and as a leader, I’ve seen the impact of high quality instructional coaching on teaching and learning in schools at the student, teacher, and leader learning level. And that’s why I’m so passionate about coaching today. 

I believe that all schools should have an instructional coaching program, and all teachers should have the opportunity to grow into being the best teacher they can possibly be through support provided by the school.

What is coaching?

Having an instructional coaching program in your school, and having instructional coaches on staff, means that teachers can engage in this ongoing process of professional growth, with a colleague they trust, who knows their students, the learning environment, the school culture, and their needs on a very personal level.

Why do all schools need coaches?

As a school leader, you spend so much energy, time, and money, recruiting, hiring, and bringing the best teachers to your school. Year after year, you invest so much in making sure you’re hiring exactly the right educators for your community

Instructional coaches are supremely skilled at making teachers feel valued, seen and respected, while supporting their professional growth. Coaching relationships are the key to personalized professional learning – and retaining those highly motivated teachers you hired.

It's the personal relationship with a coach that turns inspiration into action.

Why do all educators deserve a coach?

Instructional coaching is for everyone – from the novice teacher to the veteran. Coaching can help all teachers identify goals to improve student learning and then build a plan to make it happen. 

Teachers who are passionate and engaged educators always want to keep growing, they always want to learn more, and improve the learning that’s happening in their classrooms. 

Through their relationship with a coach, professional learning can be individualized for each teacher, to help them take the next step in their professional growth.

Why do coaches need coaches too?

Everyone needs a coach, even the coaches. 

The reality of a coaching life is that you are often so busy supporting others, but you need time for your own professional development too, and it’s something that really easily goes by the wayside. 

Having a coach as a coach is your own PD, and that will help make you a better coach!

What does coaching look like in practice?

When instructional coaching is done well in schools, there are 3 key elements in place. In The Coach Certificate and Mentorship Program, we use the THRIVE model for instructional coaching success, which ensures that schools have all three: Clarity, Consistency and Community.

Ready to get started?

Ready to grow a thriving coaching culture in your school?

All schools have the potential to build a thriving coaching culture. Let’s get started!

Options For Schools

I work with schools around the world in custom coaching packages designed to leverage what’s already working, address what’s not, and grow your coaching program to the next level.

Options include

Options for Individuals

Custom designed courses for instructional coaches for all experiences levels. Our course experiences put YOU at the heart of your learning within a global cohort community, and private 1:1 office hours sessions with me!

Options include

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