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Abeer Shinnawi

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I am honored to have had such inspiring conversations with so many amazing women around the world. I feel like I’ve been given a master class in leadership and I can’t wait to share that with you! My favorite part of this project is that these are truly authentic conversations, woman to woman, about the real life, the real struggles, and the real achievements of female leaders. Our vision is to provide a window into the lived experience of our female leaders and I know you will be as inspired by their stories as much I am!

Kim Cofino

Kim Cofino

"Women Who Lead" Interviewer, CEO Eduro Learning

Women Who Lead gives you access to the voices and experience of over 50 successful female leaders from around the world. When have you had the opportunity to learn from so many amazing women in one consolidated learning experience?

Are you ready?

Extend those conversations into a learning experience that … 

  • highlights the specific advantages and challenges women face in a leadership role;
  • clarifies the real-world expectations of a leadership interview process specifically for female leaders;
  • identifies strategies that successful female leaders use to manage difficult conversations;
  • addresses practical approaches to manage competing priorities in a demanding leadership position.

And those are just some of the key topics discussed by the amazing female leaders we interviewed!

What's Inside?

Women Who Lead is an engaging online learning experience with:

  • key themes as based on the experience of current leaders in the field;
  • carefully crafted video content featuring the perspectives of our Women Who Lead;
  • option to choose the pathway that inspires you - Heads of School, Principals, Curriculum Leaders or Entrepreneurs (or all four!);
  • consideration for your busy schedule and gives you options for how to dig in each week;
  • curated resources, creative protocols and practical challenges to apply your learning in your setting​;
  • an opportunity to connect with other aspiring female leaders in our private online community; and
  • unlimited access to the content as long as we run the program.
Women Who Lead begins October 2020!

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Women Who Lead begins October 2020!

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Women who Lead

Designed so that you can follow the conversation pathways of …

Heads of School

Sheena Nabholz


Grace McCallum

Curriculum Leaders

Anita Chen

Influential Leaders

Sawsan Jaber

Or you could follow them all!

All of these women have shared their journeys so you can kickstart your own.

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Check out our Reflective Guide Workbooks ...

Mentorship: A Guide to Making the Most of Your Relationship with Your Mentor

Mentorship Guide Workbook

You’ve been tinkering with the idea of finding a mentor, but you’d like to lay the foundation to ensure that partnership is focused on your context, your needs, and your professional learning.
Our Mentorship Guide Workbook will not only build this foundation, but it will be a resource for you to then share with your mentor, helping to inform them of the necessary next steps.

Creative Approaches to Conflict & Confrontation: A Reflective Guide Workbook

Conflict Guide Workbook

Our reflective guide workbook is a tool for anyone wanting to leverage conflict as a way to encourage creativity, cultural shifts, and deeper dialogue. This guide provides resources to help you spark better conversations about conflict with your peers. If you would like to rethink the way your school engages with difficult topics and collegial dynamics, this resource is for you.

Want to dig a little deeper ...

Many educators moving towards leadership positions submit sub-par CVs that focus on educational certifications, degrees and a listing of previous positions.

A CV for leadership must emphasize self-initiated action-oriented experience, the management of teams and particular proven skill sets that support the work of a school.

This self-paced online course will give you:

  • practical insight to update your CV;
  • strategies to position yourself for future leadership opportunities;
  • an insiders’ view of what makes a leadership CV shine; and
  • the elements to transform your CV for further leadership applications in education.

Who is this suitable for?

Applicable for any educators wanting to position themselves for future leadership opportunities and looking to ensure that their CV shines!

Kathleen Naglee course author

Course Author

Women Who Lead begins October 2020!

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