Women Who Lead (Self Paced)


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Women Who Lead gives you access to the voices and experience of over 70 successful female leaders from around the world. When have you had the opportunity to learn from so many amazing women in one consolidated learning experience?

Are you ready to extend those conversations into a learning experience that … 

   – highlights the specific advantages and challenges women face in a leadership role;

   – clarifies the real-world expectations of a leadership interview process specifically for female leaders;

   – identifies strategies that successful female leaders use to manage difficult conversations; and

   – addresses practical approaches to manage competing priorities in a demanding leadership position.


Who is this for?

Any female educators curious about leadership or looking to leverage their capacity for leadership.


Time Commitment

This online learning experience is completely self-paced so you are free to work through the curated content completely at your own pace. You will have access to the course content from one year of purchase date.


Optional Extras Available!

1. Purchase a private mentor package to compliment this online learning experience.

“My mentor talked with me not to me (something that is easy to do especially when one has more experience) about what I was doing and where I wanted things to go. It’s perfect for someone who is looking for a change in how to approach and accomplish things in their job or career.”   ~Debra Hernanz, Portland, Oregon.

Click here for mentor details and package options.

2. Course Credit through Teachers College of San Joaquin.

If you need clock hour credits, select the Curated Content + Certificate credit above and then visit TCSJ once you’ve completed the program to earn clock hour credit.


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Curated Content – $947, Curated Content & Certificate of Completion – $997


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