Getting Started as an Instructional Coach

Make the move from classroom to coaching as easy as possible!

Our newest online course & community designed for new & aspiring coaches!

Are you just getting started as an instructional coach?

The move from a classroom position to a coaching role can be tricky because there are so many challenging elements to being a coach that are not part of classroom teaching.

New coaches are often surprised that they are expected to:

Hi! I'm Kim!

After working as an instructional coach in international schools for 15 years, and then mentoring aspiring, new and growing coaches in The Coach Certificate and Mentorship Program for the last 8 years, I know that being a coach can feel like you’re in the “messy middle”.

As a coach, you’re no longer in the classroom with really clearly defined expectations, but you’re also not a school leader, with clearly defined authority. This gray area is new for most classroom teachers.

You are learning and building new leadership skills that stem from your expertise as a classroom teacher, and can definitely be the bridge to a leadership position, but you’re in a gray area as a coach.

It’s not always easy to make this transition, and there are some key strategies you can apply to feel confident, calm and capable – even in your first year as an instructional coach!

Here's why you need to take Getting Started as an Instructional Coach!

Often, when new coaches are hired, they’re not told about the key mindset and skillset shifts they need to be successful in their role.

Most new coaches I work with weren’t prepared for the fact that…

These are problems that could derail your coaching success from the beginning, they’re difficult to deal with on your own, and they’re exactly what this course was designed to help you overcome – before they become a problem!

Get to the core of what you need to be successful!

Everything you need to make the move from classroom to coach!

Focused on six key areas that often catch new coaches by surprise, you’ll leave this course well-prepared for your first year(s) as an instructional coach. Without a shift in all these areas included in the course, most new instructional coaches struggle in their early years!

What's inside?

This course will help you make the transition from classroom to coach as smoothly as possible!  You’ll make the key mindset and skillset shifts you need to make to be successful in your first year in a coaching role.  After this course, you’ll be prepared to join The Coach Certificate & Mentorship Program!

By the end of the course, you'll...

Understand Coaching

You’ll know what coaching is, and isn’t. You’ll how it works in practice and why all schools should have coaches

Recognize YOUR Leadership

You’ll see how and why coaches can leverage the power of influential leadership – and how you can do it too!

Be a Strategic Relationship Builder

You’ll know how and why you need to intentionally and strategically build relationships with all stakeholders in your school community

Be a Coaching Advocate

You’ll understand why and how you may need to advocate for the role of coaches with teachers, school leaders & other community stakeholders!

Navigate Coaching Conversations

You’ll learn how and why coaching conversations are different than any other conversations you’ve had with colleagues before – and how to be prepared to navigate them!

Manage & Prioritize Your Time

You’ll discover how to managing your time and your energy as a coach when you no longer have the structured schedule of a classroom teacher.

It's not just a course - it's a community!

How does the community work?

Office Hours (optional)

Four (4) 20-min sessions with Kim to get all your questions answered!

These optional sessions are available to discuss anything related to coaching – within the course, and beyond. Sessions are bookable using Calendly – so you can fit these meetings into your schedule whenever works for you! Times display in your time zone to make them easy to book.

Office hours allow you personalize your learning so you always feel supported, and so we can adapt course content to your unique school context

Real Time Community Calls (optional)

Learning doesn’t happen in isolation! Connect with other course participants in our global cohort calls. 

These optional sessions are available at multiple time zones designed to meet the needs of our global participants. 

Meeting times are determined by the time zones of our participants and scheduled for each global cohort community.

Sessions are designed to support you in building your personal learning network, and discuss your learning with other community members. 

Note: no real-time meetings are required to complete the course. They are offered as an option to provide the highest quality level of service for our amazing participants!

Course Details & Pricing

Global Cohort Registration Opens Annually in November

Program Runs Annually Jan - Mar

Price: $550

Immediate access as soon as you purchase: