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Hi! I'm Kim.

I’m the founder of Eduro Learning, and I’ve been working with schools & coaches around the world to build thriving coaching communities since 2015. 
Prior to that, I was a coach in international schools for almost 15 years, so I know first hand how powerful coaching can be.
Learn more about me, and my work, here on this page.

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Why Coaching?

Many schools are investing in hiring instructional coaches on staff.

Curious why instructional coaches are so essential in all school communities?

Want to learn why YOUR school should invest in coaching?

Curious why I believe so strongly in instructional coaching?

I’ve put together a resource page just for you! Feel free to share with colleagues and school leaders too!

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In Person & Virtual

From 5-10 minute inspirational keynotes to more elaborate presentations and workshops, I create engaging professional learning for educators.

Written Publications

I’m active in sharing what I’ve learned, and exactly what will support coaches and school leaders in developing a thriving coaching culture on my podcast, youtube channel, and in articles and publications devoted to improving professional learning


The #coachbetter podcast is your source for practical and actionable strategies from real-world educators making a difference in their school communities, hosted by @mscofino & @chamada. Get a global perspective on teaching, learning, coaching and leading with guests from international, public and private schools around the world. Plus the #coachbetter website hosts all our content for instructional coaches in one place! Weekly episode every Wednesday!

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Eduro has been integral in two different milestones in my professional life. First when exploring instructional coaching as a possible pivot in my career and second private mentoring during a critical interviewing process moving from one school to another, from one country to another. 

Kim’s coaching and relevant questions really helped me think about my goals, my practice, my value. Her professionalism and compassion helped me see a model of great leadership and problem solving – the kind of coaching I hope to be able to do someday.

It’s been great to feel like a phenomenal company like Eduro has my back through this time of intense transition. I trust Kim and her team completely and have great respect for the work they do. Thank you so much!


International Educator

Meet Eduro's Educators

Kim Cofino

Kim Cofino

Kim Cofino, Founder & CEO

Hi, I’m Kim, Eduro’s co-Founder and CEO! I’m currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. Prior to moving to Bangkok (a second time), I was a Learning Coach in international schools, including Munich International School, Germany; Mont’Kiara International School in KL, Malaysia; International School Bangkok, in Thailand; and Yokohama International School, Japan.

One of my favorite parts of my role here at Eduro is helping people grow through coaching and mentoring. I love being able to work with coaches around the world in The Coach Certificate & Mentorship Program; as well as supporting educators in a variety of roles through our personalized mentoring in our Private Mentoring program. I am constantly inspired by the amazing conversations I have as the host of the #coachbetter podcast and YouTube series, which features educators from around the world and their perspectives on coaching.

My time outside of education consists mostly of lifting weights, as a competitive powerlifter. My current best lifts (in competition) are: squat: 120kg, bench: 60kg, deadlift: 140kg. As a resident of Thailand, I am proud to represent the Thai National Powerlifting team in the under 63kg M1(40-49 years old) class.

I know that every educator has personal and professional goals, and I believe that coaching conversations should be available to all educators, even if you don’t have a coach in your school. Work with me through one of our private mentoring packages if you’re ready to take that next step in your professional learning journey.

Lissa Layman, Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Lissa joined Eduro as the COETAIL Managing Director but loves that her role has continually expanded to support the redefinition of professional learning and impact teaching and learning around the world. Lissa enjoys exploring how we might best use social media to share what’s happening at Eduro and connect with our diverse audience.

Recently, she has been focused on updating our COETAIL curriculum. Grounded in the ISTE Standards for Educators, the Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy embraces a community approach to learning that empowers educators to adapt and transform their practice in order to positively impact student learning. With this newest evolution of COETAIL, we are authentically embedding opportunities for COETAILers to engage with the themes of diversity and social justice in order to better serve ALL learners in their classrooms. Lissa lives in Beijing, China with her husband.

Lissa Layman

Diana Beabout

Diana Beabout

Diana Beabout, Academy Mentor for The Coach Microcredential

Diana has been a course facilitator with Eduro Learning for many years. She is an expert coach, and constantly provides invaluable feedback for the improvement of all of our coaching-related content. Diana is our Academy Mentor for The Coach Microcredential, and offers private mentoring through our private mentoring packages. Diana is motivated by opportunities to collaborate with teachers to enhance student learning and engagement in their classrooms and with coaches to promote and support professional learning and growth in their schools.

Currently based in Colorado, USA, Diana is eager to share her experience with remote learning having been based in China for the last two years. With the recent challenges due to school closures and limited synchronous learning, many educators are looking for support with educational technology and online coaching and collaboration. Diana can help you with that!

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Learning with Eduro in the COETAIL program made me a better educator.

I learned with amazingly creative, engaged and talented educators that were an inspiration to strive for my best, try new things, find my own ways with tech literacy and pedagogy.

Unknowingly, it also prepared me to teach virtually. 


International Educator

Our Story

Our story is always changing because we’re always learning.

2014 – 2018

When we started Eduro Learning in 2014, based on our experience with the Learning 2 conference and other school-based and regional professional development, our aim was to focus on face-to-face events like workshops and conferences.

However, we very quickly and unexpectedly found ourselves facilitating long term on-site professional learning with public schools in the US and we spent several years focusing on local professional learning in public schools in the US. 


2018 – 2020

However, with our experience founding COETAIL, and as global educators ourselves, we wanted to be able to offer this kind of learning to educators everywhere. So, during this time we also continued to refine and build our online learning opportunities like COETAILThe Coach Certificate & Mentorship Program, and our self-paced online courses.

During this time, we also started developing custom online courses for schools around the world, allowing them to customize the content, the timeline and the structure of our courses to better meet school needs. Custom cohorts continue to be a strong focus for Eduro, within our short term online courses, as well as long-term learning with The Coach and COETAIL

2020 – 2022

During the pandemic, we were able to leverage our extensive experience with online learning to support even more teachers around the world!

While many of us were in lockdown, Kim interviewed over 70 successful women leaders about their experiences on the pathway to leadership. These stories are all shared in the Women Who Lead online certificate program designed for growing and aspiring female leaders. Women Who Lead  led us to partner with ECIS, and Teachers College of San Joaquin in order to provide even more options for your professional development.


After supporting educators at the intersection of technology, coaching and leadership, we are recognized the need for deeper support around instructional coaching, particularly in international schools.

We now focus our course offerings on opportunities for instructional coaches to grow, through all stages of their coaching journey. Digging deeper into coaching has allowed us to provide in-depth custom support for schools working to build a thriving coaching culture. 

When I started taking courses with Eduro, I needed to learn how to properly and responsibly integrate technology into my classroom. I was living in a country with limited internet access and students did not have devices.

Despite these hurdles, Eduro provided me the skills and knowledge I needed to be successful.

Since then I’ve continued taking courses with Eduro and find they are always relevant, immediately applicable to my classroom, and manageable with a full time teaching schedule.


International Educator


Eduro is proud to hold long term collaborative partnerships with educational organizations to redefine professional learning around the globe:


Schools We've Worked With

Eduro believes that long term sustainable change in schools comes from having teams of teachers participate in professional learning together. Our online courses provide the perfect opportunity to create custom cohorts for your school, or to support teams of teachers working together. Eduro is proud to have teams of teachers learning with us from many schools around the world!

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