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MastermindEd: Mapping a Path to Culturally Responsive Leadership with Darnell Fine & Renee Green



“You Can’t Lead Where You Won’t Go”: Mapping a Path to Culturally Responsive Leadership

Learning begins February!

Inspired by Malcolm X’s words, “We can’t lead where we won’t go,” we invite you to take a journey of self-discovery and engage in the inner work of personal transformation. As leaders, we cannot expect our school communities to critically reflect on their biases if we don’t do so ourselves.

Leave this MastermindEd with:

–  a Vision Statement critically reflecting on race and culture in your personal and professional lives;

– a Professional Learning Plan for developing culturally responsive teachers at your school;

Guides, Tools, and Protocols for understanding and amplifying student of color’s voices; and

– a Culminating Presentation articulating your vision, commitment, and next steps for demonstrating Culturally Responsive Leadership.


Time Commitment:

Four (4) weeks of facilitated content led by Darnell Fine & Renee Green.
Each week’s content (reading/video/online asynchronous discussion) can take between 1-3 hours of your time.


Who is this for?

Perfect for Leaders / Educators who are ready to take the next step in their professional learning journey.

A great way to experience modern learning environments.

A excellent opportunity to explore what learning can be like for your students!

This is more than an online course. It’s a new way of learning.

– Are you looking for more from your professional development?

– Are you tired of the same online courses that are full of content, but lack conversation with any lasting impact?

– Do you wish you could take those inspiring conversations you have at conferences and bring them back to your school setting?

You’re in luck! We specialize in personalizing learning and building community in digital spaces.




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