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Digital Literacy in a Connected Classroom


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This Recommended Bundle of three (3) courses examines some of today’s pressing issues such as identifying fake news and knowing how to verify reliable sources. Teach your students how to effectively communicate in both digital and physical spaces, and reaching beyond classroom walls to make meaningful global connections.

Courses in this Recommended Bundle:

Course 1: Fake News and the Responsibility to be Digitally Literate
Examining how to distinguish between fake news and real news and how to verify sources of information online. Specific Learning Outcomes:

     – Understand the importance of digital literacy in our world today; and

     – Know how to teach students how to decipher between fake and reliable sources.

Course 2: Respectfully Disagreeing as a Resilient Digital Citizen
Examining effective communication in online spaces and how to be resilient as a global citizen. Specific Learning Outcomes:

     – Speak to the idea of resilience and why it’s so critical for students to practice this skill; and

     – Be able to teach students how to effectively and respectfully communicate in both digital and physical spaces.

Course 3: Breaking Down Classroom Walls to Build Bridges
Exploring a variety of strategies to build bridges and connect with people from around the world. Specific Learning Outcomes: 

     – Understand the importance of teaching empathy in today’s schools; and

     – Know how to connect your class with another class or expert from around the world.



Time Commitment:

Each course takes approximately 3-5 hours to complete; 9-15 hours (approx) for the complete bundle.


Applicable K-12 and will be appropriate for all school staff (administrators, teachers, coaches, support staff and instructional assistants). References and materials are located online.


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