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Technology-Rich Learning (3 PDF Bundle + 2 Infographics)


Classroom Teachers!
Everything you need to get authentic technology-rich learning going in your classroom!

  • transform the learning in your technology-rich classroom;
  • evaluate and choose technology tools for learning and creativity
  • manage the digital distractions that often occur in a technology-rich classroom

This bundle includes the following digital downloads:

The Essential Guide for Learning in a Tech-Rich Classroom ($7.99 if bought separately)

Top Tech Tools for Creativity ($5.99 if bought separately)

Managing Distractions in a Technology-Rich Classroom ($2.99 if bought separately)

PLUS a Special Bonus Included! Buy now and get two handy infographics are included in the bundle too!

8 Criteria for Choosing Tech Tools for Creativity AND Top Tech Tools for Creativity (Our Favorites)


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