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You’ve been asking for workbooks you can download with all of our best resources compiled into one place so you can download once and read and reflect whenever you have time.

We are so excited to share our brand new collection of professional learning workbooks with you. Each one is full of practical resources to help deepen your thinking, inspire new practices and give you the opportunity to take action when you’re ready.

If you prefer to learn “offline”, these are the perfect resource for you!

Our Workbooks are...

What do people say about Eduro's Workbooks?

Protocols for Empowering Pivotal Conversations: Reflective Guidebook

"This is not just a list of useful protocols, it is a self-guided opportunity to learn, intentionally plan, and reflect. I really like the strong theme of curiosity throughout as so often we get stuck in assumptions and familiar patterns of thought. These protocols encourage us to step out of those habits, ask new questions, and consider different perspectives and ideas."

Anne Marie Chow

Creative Approaches to Conflict & Confrontation: Reflective Guide Workbook

"The thoughtfully curated resources, metaphors, guided practice and spaces to reflect, make this a guide that all educators should be looking at getting their hands on!"

Sheila Ascencio

Redefine Professional Learning: Reflective Guide Workbook

'We found this workbook to be an excellent and invaluable tool to help guide our leadership team to have structured and meaningful reflection and discussion in order to positively change our approach to professional development. Cannot recommend enough for those wishing to reframe their thinking and perspectives towards teacher training "

Vanessa McConnville

IB DP Assistant Coordinator

Creative Approaches to Conflict & Confrontation: Reflective Guide Workbook

"This guidebook is an invitation for a personal journey with provocations to be a bit vulnerable, no matter how you view conflict. Practical steps that demand accountability, founded on research and human relationships, that will certainly lead to personal insights and growth."

Arden Tyoschin

Director, Harare International School

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