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Are your students remote learning? Learn from educators from International Schools around Asia who have been distance learning since January 2020.

Uncertain about what's coming next? These educators have been living your future for over 8 weeks now. In the resources below we share practical resources and personal stories that have had the most impact on student learning and social & emotional wellbeing during this COVID-19 (corona virus) panademic.

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Real Life Experiences with Long Term School Closures: Conversations with Educators & School Leaders in Asia, Europe and the Middle East

Watch or listen to our conversations with educators and school leaders who have been navigating school closures since mid-January.

Currently, schools in Asia have the most experience with long term school closures and these conversation highlight their key learning over time. Each episode explores a different aspect of how school communities are managing the emergency closure right now.

For educators who are in preparations or just starting out, this is a great way to get first hand advice on what the experience has been like:

Approaches to Emergency Long-Term School Closures

Bonus Episode #1: Approaches to Long-Term Emergency School Closures

A roundtable discussion featuring educators working in international schools in the Asia region, and how they are handling extended closures due to the Coronavirus. We talked about everything from logistics and structure of online learning, to the community and …

Preparing for Extended School Closures Key Learnings from One Month of Emergency School Closures

Bonus Episode #2: Preparing for Extended School Closures - Key Learnings from One Month of Emergency School Closures

A follow up to our first roundtable discussion featuring educators working in international schools in the Asia region, currently dealing with ongoing emergency school closures due to COVID-19.  It’s a big group, and we …

Emergency School Closures: A School Leader Perspective (COVID-19) bonus episode 3

Bonus Episode #3: Emergency School Closures: School Leader Perspectives

This conversation features Heads of School and school leaders from around Asia, Europe and the Middle East to get a school leader perspective on these ongoing closures. We had school leaders in all different stages of the closure process: 6 weeks closed, 2 weeks closed, and preparing to close …

#coachbetter spotlight episode

Bonus Episode #4: Assessment During Long-Term Remote Learning

We’re sharing our fourth episode in our ongoing series of featuring educators working in international schools in the Asia region. The teachers, coaches and school leaders on this call have been remote learning for up to 8 weeks already and they have so much practical advice to share for educators just beginning the journey.

Roundtable Discussion on the Realities of Returning to School During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Bonus Episode #5: Realities of Returning to School

Today we talk about what returning to school may look like for the foreseeable future, including the procedures for safe face-to-face learning, the realities of being back to school with expectations for social distancing, and the different ways schools are managing hybrid learning (online & face to face). We also discuss some of the positive outcomes from remote learning that we’d like to see continue next academic year.

I just want to thank you for sharing the blogs on school closings. I worked in international schools for 13 years (Burkina Faso and Singapore) and knew that international schools would be on top of this issue. Our small town in Nebraska is facing a school closing now. Because I listened to your videos, I feel much better prepared for our district discussion tomorrow. Thank you ... well done!

Cherie Larson, Nebraska USA

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Top Tips for Online Learning

(From our panel of experts in our Roundtable Discussion: Emergency School Closures)

Kelly Grogan top tip for online learning

Keri-Lee Beasley top tip for online learning

Julie Lemley top tip for online learning

annalee higgenbottom top tip for online learning

creating community online during remote learning

Looking for ideas for what your children can do?

Review this …

Angela Langlands on twitterAngela made this graphic with her own children.

Looking for ideas for tools?

Check out this list … 

Compiled by Keri-Lee Beasley for WAB teachers

Keri-Lee Beasley on twitter

Looking for strategies?

Private Mentoring

Need to design an online learning PD session for your staff?

Want support designing learning experiences for your students?

Need to lead an emergency school closure?

We can provide support, guidance & personal mentoring to work on a specific goal or personal growth, with a variety of different options to choose from.

“During a recent Private Mentoring call, Kim and I talked about how I can best support our school needs during our emergency closure. Kim’s advice to make a website for the whole school community was just what I needed. I was able to put my ideas into action and created a website.

When I sent it off to the Senior Leadership Team they loved it. They took what I did and turned it into a whole school resource, made some adjustments to fit the whole school, created a separate page translated in Korean then added it to the school website.

Thank you for the idea. It was what was needed and worked!”

Whitney Little
Whitney Little
MS Technology Coach

Worthwhile Reading

6 Ways Coaches can Support Teachers During Remote Learning

by Kim Cofino

As coaches, we’re often in a very fortunate position not only to work with a wide variety of teachers, and therefore have a good pulse on the learning that’s happening, but also often to be privy to large scale conversations on how schools are handling these challenging times. 

6 Weeks & Counting: Lessons from COVID-19 School Closures

by Kim Cofino

It’s hard to believe it’s already been six weeks since schools in China, Hong Kong and Vietnam closed due to COVID-19. As the pandemic spreads, schools in every other region in the world are beginning to follow suit. Although this situation is very stressful, often confusing and pretty scary for all of us, those that are only …

School’s Closed, But Learning Doesn’t Have to Stop

by Kim Cofino

If you’re currently living in the Asia region, you’ve probably been impacted by the #coronavirus. Most of my friends and colleagues who are working in international schools in China are dealing with long-term, indefinite school closures. 

edtech at ISB

eLearning Exemplars

Shared by ISB EdTech

A wealth of resources here – put together by the EdTech team at International School of Beijing.  Under the headings Captivate, Care & Clarify, you’ll find exemplars of eLearning from ES, MS & HS.

Keep Learning in Challenging Times

by Julie Lemley

If you are a parent in Beijing right now, you are being challenged (and here’s a virtual hug). A mere two and a half weeks ago, life was fairly normal – we were finishing up a short stint of school and work between Winter Break and Chinese New Year and we were excited thinking about …

10 Strategies for Surviving When Working From Home

by Lissa Layman

This novel coronavirus has caused a bit of a stir in our international education community. Starting on February 5, schools across China closed and began implementing eLearning for students. This also means eWorking for us educators! 

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How can we leverage global connections to benefit student learning?​

Can my virtual classroom build bridges with learners around the world?

How can I work with a local stance that values and amplifies global mindedness?

Your Connected Classroom self-paced course

If you are looking for an opportunity to reimagine what it means to be a ‘bridge builder’ this professional learning experience is for you.

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More Resources (shared with us)

To post or not to post

To Post or Not to Post

Online Powerpoint shared by Sandra Chow

Think about these things in order to be a productive member of an online discussion.

virtual learning

Virtual Learning

Created by Tanya Le Clair

A list of useful resources for those in MS/HS who are teaching virtually.

virtual learning survival guide podcast resource

Virtual Learning Survival Guide

By David Higginson & Joel Sutton

Tech Talks with Teachers podcast – discussing discuss how their school is handling virtual learning during our school closings due to the Covid-19 outbreak

Virtual Learning at KISJ

Virtual Learning @ KISJ

Created by Whitney Little (then adapted by her school)

Whitney created this resource from an idea suggested during her weekly mentoring call with Kim as part of The Coach Microcredential Program

emergency school closures - resource sharing

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The Eduro Team

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Take a closer look at these!

Fabulous graphics shared by Sonya terBorg for EDUCATORS and LEARNERS – their ‘End of Shift’ checklist for #onlinelearning

end of shift checklist for learners by Sonya te Borg

End of Shift checklist for Educators #onlinelearning by Sonya te Borg

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