Finding Your Path as a Woman in School Leadership

A Guide for Educators, Allies & Advocates

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For aspiring female leaders in education the way forward is often lined with invisible obstacles, many of which are both unique to women and rarely addressed in public spaces. Finding Your Path as a Woman in School Leadership is based on a series of interviews about the realities of being a woman in K-12 school leadership today, featuring the experiences of over 70 successful female leaders in international, public and private schools around the world.

These are real-life stories, from real leaders, told in their own words, and connected by common experiences they faced and continue to face as women pursuing leadership roles in education. These diverse stories – and the explicit strategies for taking positive action that are drawn from them at the end of each thematically-focused chapter – will be of great value not only to aspiring leaders themselves, but also to any established leader ready to support growing leaders in their school communities.

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About the Authors

Meet Kim!

Kim has been an educator in international schools since August 2000. Having lived and worked in Germany, Malaysia, Thailand, and Japan, Kim has had a variety of roles in international schools, including (her favorite) instructional coach.

Kim is the host of the #coachbetter podcast, author of several books including Finding Your Path as a Woman In School Leadership (based on the Women Who Lead interviews), and frequently speaks and writes about the power of coaching to sustain change in schools.

In addition to her work in education, Kim is also a competitive powerlifter, currently on the Thai National Team as the 63kg M1 representative for Thailand.

Based in Bangkok, Kim is the Founder and CEO of Eduro Learning, where she supports educators and schools to develop sustainable and successful instructional coaching programs.

Learn more about Kim and Eduro at:

Meet Christina!

As a career educator, I began my teaching after graduating from university. My first experiences in the United States were in independent, private, and public school settings. Over the course of 14 years in the United States, my experiences included teaching students across the K-12 continuum, at the university level, and in adult continuing education settings. In 2003, I responded to a strong desire to live abroad by accepting a job teaching English Language Arts at the middle school level in an international school in Kuwait. As I entered the international stage of my career in education, I began to take on informal and formal leadership roles. My leadership roles highlight my passion for teaching and learning, including K-12 chief academic director, K-12 curriculum director, international facilitator, principal, school visit team member, workshop leader, and unit reviewer. I have become the leader that I am today through leading and training educators to become better listeners, collaborators, and thinkers. My growth and development as a woman in educational leadership has been, and continues to be, a profound part of who I am.

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