One line from that talk continues to resonate with us:

“We need to start feeling comfortable about being uncomfortable.”

That talk connected with some of the wonderful and powerful ideas from the book “So you want to talk about race?” by  Ijeoma Oluo

The team at Eduro has been striving to have more conversations about race, equality, and bias. We know that too often those conversations are held only during specific moments: a one off workshop about inclusion, or during a single unit.

For Black History Month we wanted to curate a list of resources that can sustain the important conversation as it should be – throughout the year.


Here are some of the resources that we hope sustain important and necessary conversations. We’d love to hear your suggestions for other resources, so please leave us a comment below!

Celebrate some of the best new books by Contemporary Black authors

Learn about the process behind #themostsearched

Celebrate Black LGBTQ+ Films 

Celebrate Black Entrepreneurship 

Learn about the #disrupttexts movement and follow the founders on Twitter:  Tricia Ebarvia, Lorena Germán, Dr.Kim Parker, Julia Torres.

Talk about cultural appropriation.

Kimberlé Crenshaw ‘s TED talk on intersectionality is one of our all time favorite TED talks.

Host a book group using Tiffany Jewell’s amazing book.

Make sure your podcast rotation includes important discussions about race and identity.

Celebrate photographer James Van Der Zee

Celebrate Marsha P. Johnson

Remind parents and guardians to celebrate at home as well as in school

Celebrate Black History Non Fiction Books

Sustain the Conversation

If you are feeling inspired to sustain this conversation and you would like to take a deep dive into strategies for exploring bias, hosting open and honest conversations about race, join An Anti-Bias Approach to Education an 8-week professional development experience facilitated by Gary Gray Jr.

Me and White Supremacy

You can also sustain a conversation about race by joining our free book group in April. We will be reading the brand new book ‘me and white supremacy’ by author Layla F. Saad.


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