Are you a school leader wondering ...

Are we engaging with professional learning that mirrors the practices that we’re striving for in the classroom?

How can I make sure my educators are engaging with professional learning that’s relevant?

How am I providing a menu that shows I respect the diversity of skills and interests of my staff?

Christina Botbyl

The Eduro team are experts in creating sustainable, cost-effective professional learning. Their collaborative approach enables schools to customize and co-create bespoke learning experiences that lead to measurable impact.

Christina Botbyl

Curriculum Director, AIS Kuwait

As school leaders, how can we redefine professional learning?

We bring the most innovative thinking from educators and leaders around the world to your teachers – without any travel at all. When teams of learners from your school join our digital learning environments they can have face-to-face professional conversations at school, while still being inspired by expert external voices, and connecting with teachers outside of your school. When you blend our online learning format with team-based reflective practice at your school, you create a relevant and practical model for professional learning that is both cost-effective and sustainable.

What does this kind of professional learning look like?

We maximize your professional learning budget and transform professional learning for your teachers by:

Providing a broader perspective on innovative learning featuring inspiring educators from around the world;

Ensuring all learners feel engaged, empowered and connected even if they’re literally on the other side of the planet;

Designing sustainable and flexible online learning experiences that allow teachers (and coaches) to learn overtime at their own pace;

Focusing on practical implementation to take new learning into the classroom immediately;

Building customized cohorts of learners to bring transformative learning to life in your school setting.

The best part is that you’re investing in your teachers, not in the fixed costs of traditional professional development!
And it doesn’t have to wipe out your professional learning budget either. 

Why is it different?

Our menu has been built with three key things in mind:

  • transforming learning - for both students and educators;
  • valuing the time of the professionals on your staff;
  • ensuring our learning endures - and isn't just a weekend of 'oh that was interesting.'

We extend educators and give you the opportunity to stretch your professional learning budget. If this sounds good to you, we invite you to share these opportunities with your staff.

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