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Kim Cofino, Director of Learning and COO

Kim Cofino

Director of Learning and COO

Career Snapshot

My focus as a teacher is on technology in the classroom. I’ve worked with students and teachers in all subjects and at every grade level, from pre-k all the way up through university, to help them use technology in innovative ways to enhance learning. Throughout my career, I’ve helped students participate in many globally collaborative projects via an inquiry-based, constructivist approach that often combines the Understanding by Design framework with the Middle Years Program (MYP) design cycle.

In addition to being a classroom teacher I have also worked as a Technology and Learning Coach, a role which lets me help teachers find the fun in using technology, to help them feel empowered to try new things and take risks, and to build connected teams of teacher leaders so that teachers can support and learn from each other.

“I absolutely love what I do to support my teaching colleagues. I am honored to lead the educational initiatives for the company – working with the team to design develop curriculum to help and support teachers in the classroom.”

Along with teaching and coaching, I’ve been fortunate to design and facilitate technology-rich learning programs in all of the schools I’ve taught at — from laptop carts to highly developed 1:1 programs. My focus is on building strong community involvement with engaged students and empowered teachers, making sure everyone has a voice in the integrated learning platforms we collaborate on.

As a learner, I love reflecting on my experiences on my professional blog, Always Learning. Through the connections I have made there, I have been very fortunate to continue my career in education by facilitating workshops and trainings for teachers and parents in schools around the world.

Location: Bangkok

Awards, Accolades, Honors
  • Apple Distinguished Educator
  • Member of the Advisory Board member for the K12 Horizon Report from 2010 – 2015
  • Taking IT Global! Making the Connection: Best Practices in Global Education and Collaborative Technologies Award
  • Learning
    There’s always something new to discover and I love the process of discovering what else could interest me and how I can be better at it!
  • Powerlifting
    I am a competitive powerlifter (which means I compete at meets where participants demonstrate how strong they are at “the big three” lifts: bench, squat and deadlift). I occasionally enjoy running, but I’d rather lift or do yoga.
  • Being outside
    I love being outside and have started an urban hiking group where we explore different parts of the city every month!
  • Nutrition
    I am working towards being a vegan (although I will admit I make a lot of exceptions for dessert).


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