Find Alignment in Your Coaching Role with Your School Leader

Often coaches are hired for the coaching role, with a lack of understanding about what coaching is.

When coaches & their building admin are not aligned on the purpose of coaching…

  • coaches are asked to do all sorts of things that aren’t coaching (how many duties, sub cover & meetings can we get one staff member to do?) – so there’s little time left for the actual work
  • teachers don’t see the value of coaching because it’s not articulated in a clear & transparent way
  • coaching becomes an “add on” (or worse, a “remediation”) instead of a positive, growth minded culture and therefore…
  • coaches are rarely in classrooms and unable to work with teachers & students – so there is a lack of impact 

The end result is:

  • coaches feel frustrated from being unable to do their job properly, yet overworked at the same time, 
  • teachers feel reluctant or fearful of coaching, and 
  • admin start to wonder why they even have this position since there’s “no impact” on student learning. 

Usually a stagnating coaching culture is a real snowball effect that begins with clarity and alignment with school leadership. If you’re facing any of the “downstream” issues, it’s likely to stem from communication with your leadership team.

Sound familiar? 

We can help!

To give you a peek into The Coach Certificate & Mentorship Program and help you align your vision of your role with your principal, we’re sharing a sample week of The Coach for FREE for a limited time!

This sample week is one of the “hot topics” that come up in conversations inside The Coach: The Coach-Principal Partnership.

Coaching is such a nebulous word, and even the descriptions we use to discuss why coaching is valuable and how it works can be so broad that we think we’re talking about the same thing…

But we’re not.

This can lead to misunderstandings and misalignment about your role with your school leader. That’s how you wind up doing tons of:

  • Sub cover
  • Extra duties
  • Exam supervision,
  • mini-admin-type work

Anything BUT ensuring that there is time for actual coaching.

That’s why this FREE sample week is all about The Coach-Principal Partnership.

You’ll learn how to have a concrete, detailed and actionable conversation with your principal to clearly define your role and expectations so you can focus on actually coaching – and get the support you need to do it well!

Ready to start? Get it at

This sample week will not only help you find alignment with your school leader, but you’ll also get to see what learning will be like before you jump in!

It’s a big commitment to join an academic year long program, and we want to make sure it’s the right choice for you right now. 

So, grab our FREE SAMPLE WEEK of the Coach before it’s gone!

Available until 4 Nov 2022!

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