This is more than an online course. It’s a new way of learning.

Are you looking for more from your professional development?

Are you tired of the same online courses that are full of content, but lack conversation with any lasting impact?

Do you wish you could take those inspiring conversations you have at conferences and bring them back to your school setting?

Meet MastermindEd

We have been listening to our clients …

MastermindEd is what you want to learn about and the ability to learn about it on your own schedule. 

MastermindEd is learning with peers from other schools without boarding a plane.

MastermindEd is relevant content that leverages your passion.

MastermindEd is flexible, agile, and challenging conversations.

We specialize in personalizing learning and building community in digital spaces.

Learn it today, apply it tomorrow.

What will I do with a MastermindEd?

Every MastermindED will leave you with strategies, fresh resources, but more importantly, your four weeks will center on the specific goals that you have developed with the facilitator which connect to the specific needs of your context!

How much time do I need?

MastermindED is all about the modern educator. We know your schedule can ebb and flow, and that’s why each week will have options for you. If you only have 20 minutes one week, but 50 the next, that is fine-the modules are built to be flexible and to work with you!

Why is this right for me?

Personalized professional learning is the response to wasted hours spent in a one size fits all model. This isn’t recycled content: this is a course that adapts to your needs and responds to the wisdom you bring to it!

Who will I be in this cohort?

Explore our MastermindEd Offerings

MastermindEd with Gary Gray

Learning begins July 27th!
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MastermindEd With Tricia Friedman

Learning begins September!
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MastermindEd with Sawsan Jaber

Learning begins October!
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MastermindEd Redefining Professional Learning

Learning begins November!
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MastermindEd Review: How to start the conversation in your classroom: An Anti-Bias Approach to Education

Gary is an excellent teacher who provided wonderful resources for us and gave us feedback to push our thinking. He was also incredibly supportive of us all during such a difficult time (during a global pandemic) and reminded us that we needed to take care of ourselves and that we could always take a break when needed and get back to the work when we could.


international Educator

Lauren Sepctor

MastermindEd with Darnell Fine and Renee Green

Learning begins February!
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MastermindEd Training with Kim Cofino

Learning begins February!
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MastermindEd Nutrition with Kim Cofino

Learning begins February!
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Coming Soon!
Course Will Run During Academic Year 2021-2022

What's inside MastermindEd?

An online learning experience focused on inspiration, practical actions, and weekly mini-tasks , facilitated in a community-focused environment prioritizing time for conversation and reflection. 

Inspirational ideas with practical and relevant content you can use immediately. A network of learners to collaborate and connect with.

Instead of “too much” this is totally tailored. This isn’t about dominating your weekend. It’s about finding inspiration and bringing it to your classroom. Tomorrow.

We will put you in the right room with the right people, with the right content, so you can have the right conversation that’s personalized just for you!

MastermindEd is perfect for teams at your school!

No travel, No visas, No problem!

MastermindEd Review: LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Schools with Tricia Friedman

Unsurprisingly, any course about LGBTQ+ and schools led by Tricia is going to be amazing. While this course is potentially an opportunity for you to have a large scale impact on LGBTQ+ inclusion in your school in terms of policy, it is also a catalyst from week one for small, practical changes you can make right away to make your school a better learning environment for every student.


PreK-12 Librarian, Yokohama International School

Katy Vance on twitter

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