MastermindEd: Rethinking Sustainability & Service Learning with Kath Lane & Shei Ascencio


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Rethinking Sustainability & Service Learning

Coming Soon: Course Will Run During Academic Year: 2021 – 2022

Registration will open Aug 2021

Within this online conversation, you will explore integrating service learning and sustainability into your students’ learning experiences and school’s curriculum. Together we will think about what sustainability means to ourselves and our communities and we’ll discuss ways to build sustainable partnerships beyond your school bubble.

Leave this MastermindEd with:

  • A package of conversation starters for students, staff, or parents on your campus to build a community understanding of sustainability

  • Practical tips to build sustainable partnerships to enrich service learning experiences

  • A toolkit to support deep student thinking around sustainability and service learning

Time Commitment:

Four (4) weeks of facilitated content led by Kath Lane and Shei Ascencio.
Each week’s content (reading/video/online asynchronous discussion) can take between 1-3 hours of your time.

Who are the course facilitators?

Shei Ascencio: Shei is a vibrant, dynamic educator with almost two decades of international teaching experience. She has extensive knowledge in the IB programs (PYP, MYP, DP) and implementing groundbreaking practices and curriculum design at different international schools. More recently, Shei has been focusing on bringing best practices on Service Learning to different international schools and establishing meaningful global partnerships. Her work includes collaborating with youth leaders around the globe and working closely with Cathryn Berger Kaye, a Service Learning pioneer. Find Shei on Twitter here.

Kath Lane: Kath is a primary school educator with over 20 years of experience working predominantly in international schools including Green School, Bali and United World College of South East Asia. She believes that authentic learning experiences in the community are the most powerful way to learn. By building sustainable habits of mind and nurturing children’s natural capacity to think in a systemic and connected way, Kath thinks that our students can be empowered not just in the future, but right now! Kath is a facilitator for both face to face and online workshops for Compass Education, a non-profit organisation that facilitates courses for educators and young people, empowering them to educate and advocate for a flourishing and sustainable future. Find Kath on Twitter here.


Who is this for?

This course is for all educators who:

– are committed to (and/or leading the conversation at their school about)  service learning and sustainability.

– would like to experience modern learning environments, so that they can better support their students and colleagues in virtual teaching and learning.

– would like to connect and network with other like-minded, passionate educators ready to take the next step in their work around service learning and sustainability.

This is more than an online course. It’s a new way of learning.

– Are you looking for more from your professional development?

– Are you tired of the same online courses that are full of content, but lack conversation with any lasting impact?

– Do you wish you could take those inspiring conversations you have at conferences and bring them back to your school setting?

You’re in luck! We specialize in personalizing learning and building community in digital spaces.




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