New FREE Workshop: Seeing Yourself as a Leader

Is this the year you commit to your leadership potential?

When you think about the academic year ahead, are you…

  • tired of feeling like the pathway to leadership is hazy for you?
  • frustrated that you know could be making a bigger impact in your school setting, but you’re not ready to make the leap to formal leadership yet?
  • anxious because KNOW it’s time to take the next step in your leadership journey, but you’re not sure what that might look like or what the realities of that role might bring?

Sometimes we can get trapped in our own feelings of imposter syndrome and we end up playing it safe and not taking the risks that could propel us to the next level in our career.

I know I get stuck when the pathway ahead is hazy. When I know I could (or should) be doing something different, but I don’t know exactly what that “something different” might be. 

I feel like a cat scratching at a partially closed door, but just can’t quite get it open. 

Sometimes we need a nudge…

Sometimes we need a nudge, or a little bit of support in taking that next step – especially when we can’t quite see it for ourselves (yet).

That’s why I created Women Who Lead. I was having conversations with exceptional women, who were leading in so many different ways but STILL didn’t see themselves as leaders.

If you’re feeling that way too, or not even aware that you might be building your own leadership skills in the role you have now, join me for my new FREE workshop!

Do you wish you could make a bigger impact in your school setting? Is this the year you commit to your own leadership potential? Or will it be another year you’ll spend saying you’re not ready “yet”?

Are you already leading?

As an experienced educator, you are likely demonstrating leadership skills every day, by building quality relationships, or managing teams, or having coaching conversations. But if you find it hard to recognize your own leadership capacity, you might be experiencing feelings commonly referred to as “imposter syndrome.” 

Many educators, especially women, allow these feelings to keep them from taking the next step in their career. If that sounds like you: stop letting negative self-talk hold you back!

Learn how to crush your imposter syndrome before it gets to you with our new FREE Workshop: Seeing Yourself as a Leader: Overcoming the 5 Common Myths Holding Women Back, available right now! 

New FREE Workshop: Seeing Yourself as a Leader

Inside the workshop you’ll get a sneak peek into some of the rich conversations inside Women Who Lead, and hear from very successful leaders who still struggle with imposter syndrome – as well as how they’ve learned to handle it. If you can, pause this podcast episode right now and head over to to register – the workshop is only available for a limited time! But, because I know how busy you are: it’s pre-recorded, so you can watch anytime once you register, and then pause or replay whenever you’re ready. 

Don’t let imposter syndrome hold you back this year! Access the workshop now at:

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