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The Eduro Learning team has been working with parents for the last 15 years!

Our focus has always been on helping parents to create strong and supportive relationships with their children.
Both our free & for purchase resources highlight the very best on parenting in the digital age!


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We’re currently launching our Parenting Series and giving away a free PDF each week!

Finding time the look for ways to help with all this technology stuff is hard – even just finding stuff is hard! These resources are good because they make sense and are things I can try!

~ Parent

From the Blog

Understanding the New Learning Landscape

Learning looks different than when we were students. Technology is now front and center of your child’s learning, especially if their school has transitioned to a one device per student (often written 1:1, and also called “one to one”) model. As parents, it can be...

Navigating the Digital World with Teens in Marysville

Last week, Eduro Learning hosted an educational night for parents and students called, “Navigating the Digital World with Teens” in partnership with Marysville School District. Parents and their teens were invited to join in a conversation facilitated by Jeff Utecht...

3 Tips for Monitoring Your Child’s Social Media

Social media is becoming a large part of our daily lives, and even more so for our children. According to a Common Sense Media study, 90% of teens age 13-18 have used social media, and 51% use social media on a daily basis. Parenting in the digital age can be...

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