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Life’s Lessons from a 10-Year-Old

It was a moment of shame. I felt like a terrible mother, as I peered up to see my 4th grade daughter on stage performing violin at the evening concert for all of the school and parent community with a huge hole in the knee of her pants! How did I miss that as we...

What Your Child Knows But May Not Tell You

It was one of the worst moments of my life as a mom. My daughter was in 2nd grade--only 8 years old, or 96 months old (I was never the mom to tell my kids’ ages in months, but for this article, it seems fitting). I was asking her about her playdate at her friend Sam’s...

Introducing Parents to Your Connected Classroom

Now that you’ve decided to build a connected classroom, it’s time to plan on how you will implement things. It can be intimidating to introduce your connected classroom to your students, and even more so to their parents. So, how can you help make the introduction of...

Digital Citizenship in the Connected Classroom

So, you’ve made the decision to connect your students to the world by creating a connected classroom. Congratulations! Once you’re ready to get started creating your connected classroom, you may be thinking of the importance of digital citizenship and how it will...

Three tips for planning tech rich projects

At times, the idea of planning or reworking your existing units to include technology can seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t need to take a large amount of time - even taking 10 minutes each week to rethink a unit that has been challenging - either you don’t...

Introducing the Connected Teacher

Last week on the blog, we discussed the connected classroom and examples of ways your can connect your classroom to others around the world. Using technology to connect your students to others around the globe helps your students break down the walls that...


Managing Devices at Home: Conversation Starters & Family Media Agreement

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The Complete Guide to Designing Technology-Rich Units

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The Administrator’s Guide to Classroom Walk-Throughs

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