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Leading the Change

As more and more schools become technology-rich, whether that be full one-to-one implementation or just more devices showing up in your school, the way an administrator leads the changes around the integration of technology has a direct impact on its success.   So,...

Micro-Credentials: Taking PD to the next level

The idea of long-term embedded professional development has always been a passion of mine. In my heart, I truly feel it is the best type of professional development for educators….or anyone for that matter. Time and time again pre-service and beginning teachers will...

Making the Most of Your Connected Classroom

Last week, we hosted a webinar, “Making the Most of Your Connected Classroom” to discuss our upcoming micro-credentials that begin on October 15th. It was an exciting night - mentors for each micro-credential joined us in the conversation and we opened the cart for...

Micro-credentials: A Year-Long Learning Journey

We all want to be the best teachers we can be! This means we're always learning - and looking for relevant, timely and customized professional development opportunities. The rise of the Internet is not only changing the way we approach learning with students, but also...

Cultivate the Relationship, and They Will Come

Recently I took my 10-year-old daughter to get some shoes for her upcoming First Communion. Originally, I was thinking we’d run into the shoe store on our way home from her class, as my mom was watching my other two daughters at her house and I didn’t want her to be...

Shaping Your Child’s Digital Footprint

As I was cooking dinner one night, I heard my 10-year-old daughter scream from the top of her lungs in the other room, “MOM, COME HERE!!!!” My stomach sank and the blood drained from my face thinking of all the life-threatening things that could be happening in the...


Managing Devices at Home: Conversation Starters & Family Media Agreement

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The Complete Guide to Designing Technology-Rich Units

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The Administrator’s Guide to Classroom Walk-Throughs

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