What’s your leadership potential?

Do you think about the work you’re doing as an educator as leadership work?

If you’re not in a formal leadership position, you probably don’t.

But, you’re likely building lots of leadership skills – without even realizing it!

As educators, we have to manage so many responsibilities…

  • We manage large and small groups of humans with ease. 
  • We build relationships with all members of our stakeholder community every single day.
  • We are accountable to our students, our school, the parents, and our colleagues. 
  • And we do it all often without a break or a moment to stop and reflect and think about the amazing work we’re doing!

These are all leadership skills that will serve you in any position – within and beyond education, in a formal or informal leadership role.

Do you recognize these leadership skills within yourself?

Uncover YOUR Leadership Potential

Uncover your leadership potential with our new FREE leadership inventory.

This interactive resource highlights the 15 essential skills for emerging leaders that our Women Who Lead referenced in the interviews.

You’ll get a consolidated look at the leadership skills that are essential for leaders today – and the opportunity to reflect on how you’re doing, including your unique strengths and where you have room to grow!

Access the Leadership Inventory here!

And if your results from the Leadership Inventory help you recognize that you HAVE been building lots of leadership skills, and you are ready to leverage those skills into a leadership role, I hope you’ll join us in our next global cohort of Women Who Lead!

What is Women Who Lead?

Women Who Lead is an online Certificate Program designed for aspiring leaders, featuring the voices and experience of over 70 successful female leaders from around the world.

Inside Women Who Lead Global, you’ll get:

  • Access to the insight, advice and experience of over 70 successful leaders, 
  • 10 key themes, organized into 3 Phases for growing and aspiring female leaders with video playlists featuring all of our Women Who Lead, 
  • Carefully curated resources, creative protocols and practical challenges to apply your learning in your setting; 
  • self paced design to take into consideration your busy schedule, with flexible options for how to dig into each module;
  • option to choose the pathway that inspires you – Heads of School, Principals, Curriculum Leaders or Entrepreneurs (or all four!).

PLUS, when you join the Global Cohort, you also get…

  • 12 weeks of group coaching (and the option for additional private coaching) where you will learn with other growing and aspiring leaders, 
  • Real time virtual meetings at varying time zones throughout the program (minimum of 3)
  • Weekly check-ins, feedback and support from your coach throughout the 3-month program. 
  • Access to our private forum to build your professional learning network and connect with other aspiring leaders.
  • A private Slack workspace for quick conversations between meetings.
  • Suggested deadlines and topics for each week so you get feedback on your responses in our private forum.

What makes Women Who Lead unique?

We all know there are plenty of places where you can study the abstract academics of leadership. I hope you’re taking advantage of those opportunities too!

Women Who Lead is different. 

Women Who Lead is designed to be a personal journey of the realities behind being a successful leader – told through the individual stories of over 70 experienced female leaders.

When we see successful female leaders, we often assume they had all the skills it took to be a leader right from the start, we don’t see the trials and challenges behind their journey. We don’t always recognize all the obstacles that stood in their way. And we rarely get a window into how they specifically overcame those challenges.

Right now you might be feeling:

  • Anxious about a challenging conversation you have coming up
  • Frustrated by the “old boys” club of international school networking
  • Annoyed by the expectations that all leaders look, talk and work the same
  • Uncertain about whether or not now is the time to apply for a leadership position
  • Overwhelmed with everything you have to balance in your personal and professional life
  • Curious about the difference between a senior leadership interview and a Head of School interview
  • Stuck in your current position because there’s not enough opportunity for women
  • Disappointed that you’ve never had the opportunity to work with a leader who looks like you

All of those experiences come up in the Women Who Lead conversations. Whatever struggle you might be facing, at least one of our Women Who Lead has faced it too! And found a strategy or solution to continue to move forward on their path.

In just ONE certificate program, you’re getting access to the stories and experiences of over 70 successful women. Women who have been through exactly what you’re going through and have come out the other side. Women who want you to succeed too. Women who are passionate about supporting and uplifting other women.

Is this a community you want to be part of?

When have you had the opportunity to learn from so many amazing women in one consolidated learning experience?

What will you get by committing to Women Who Lead?

Inside Women Who Lead, you will build the confidence, competence and clarity you need to take the next step in your leadership journey.

If you are ready to feel:

  • confident and empowered in your leadership abilities and experience;
  • that the path to leadership has transformed from cloudy to clear;
  • no longer alone and isolated in your leadership journey;
  • ready to tackle any difficult conversations that come your way;
  • clarity about the next “level up” in a leadership interview;
  • part of a community of growing leaders you can reach out to for support along the way…

Then it’s time to join the global cohort of Women Who Lead!

What would happen if you could…

  • leverage your leadership to make a bigger impact in your school community?
  • recognize when you were ready to take the next step in your leadership career?
  • confidently articulate your leadership story and vision in the interview process?
  • manage the many expectations of a school leader with purpose and vision?
  • handle difficult conversations smoothly and effectively?
  • build a cohesive team to empower sustainable change?
  • feel a sense of mental wellbeing from recognizing what gives you energy and what takes it away?
  • having dozens of examples of how women in all facets of leadership have handled the challenges and barriers we all face when pursuing a leadership pathway?

After interviewing over 70 successful women leaders for Women Who Lead, here’s what I’ve discovered…

  • You DO have leadership skills that will help you on your journey – even if you don’t recognize them yet!
  • You CAN successfully manage difficult conversations – even if it’s your first time!
  • You WILL build confidence in your capacity as a leader after hearing the stories of so many other successful women!
  • You CAN plan for your own success in leadership

…. in Women Who Lead, you will work with other educational leaders around the world to tap into your potential, build your network and take the next step in your leadership journey!

You’ll leave Women Who Lead empowered by your own identity and able to see how your unique life experiences make YOU the leader that schools need.

And with the support of our global cohort, you’ll build your personal learning network of engaged educators ready to take the leap into leadership!

When is the Women Who Lead Global Cohort?

Our annual global cohort runs from 4 July 2022 –  25 Sept 2022

That gives you the opportunity to start the new academic year with leadership in mind!

Apply to join our next global cohort right now!

Find all the details, including pricing and more testimonials here: https://edurolearning.com/women 

Don’t let another year pass you by without taking that next step you KNOW you’re ready for.

Find all the details, including pricing and more testimonials here: https://edurolearning.com/women 

March 17, 2022

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