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Digital Citizenship For Educators


Self-paced option: No Facilitator or course credit.

Facilitated/For Credit option: Only available for purchase August-October.


How do we teach digital citizenship? What exactly do we teach? How do we integrate digital citizenship into the curriculum? Uncover a variety of ways for teachers to help their students to balance, respect and protect themselves online and offline. Uncover a variety of ways to protect, balance and respect yourself and your students, so that you can easily integrate digital citizenship in your classroom.

*Topics include:

     –  Fake News and the Responsibility to be Digitally Literate

     –  Respectfully Disagreeing as a Resilient Digital Citizen

     –  Breaking Down Classroom Walls to Build Bridges

     –  Empowering Your Students to be Responsible in the Digital World

     –  Staying Safe Online

     –  Integrating Digital Citizenship into Your Curriculum


*Don’t want such an in-depth course? Check out the shorter, Recommended Bundles: Digital Citizenship in the Classroom OR Digital Literacy in a Connected Classroom  

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course, you will be able to:

     –  Identify the elements conducive to an empowering environment;

     –  Evaluate existing Acceptable Use Policies and/or Responsible Use Policies (AUP/RUPs);

     –  Understand the use of copyright free images, music and videos (Creative Commons);

     –  Design and promote strategies to stay balanced in a world filled with distractions;

     –  Compare various viewpoints and arguments for and against privacy and protection online;

     –  Determine appropriate ways to share learning within the classroom with students;

     –  Evaluate digital citizenship resources; and

     –  Design digital citizenship learning opportunities.


Facilitated / For Credit Option:

Heritage Course Number: CM402m

Our Facilitated and/or For Credit option for this course opens for purchase in August. This course will be facilitated for 8 weeks during October – December.


Time Commitment:

3-5 hours (approx.) per topic.  18-30 hours (approx) for the complete course.
(Please Note: The Facilitated and For Credit course options have specific timeframes and deadlines)

Who is this course for?

This course is appropriate for those working with students in grades, K-12 including teachers, para-educators, counselors, and other support personnel.

All references and materials are located online.


Additional information

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Self-Paced – $247.00, Facilitated – $447.00, Heritage – $687.00


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