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Coding and Design


Be exposed to the introduction of several ways of thinking about complex problems and their solutions so that you can create an impact project for students that incorporates elements of design thinking and/or app design practices.

Unit Topics:

  • Computational Thinking and Lateral Thinking
  • Coding Part 1: Coding Language and Pseudo-Code
  • Coding Part 2: Remix and Create
  • Introducing Design Thinking
  • Introducing App Design
  • Designing an App & Final Project

This course is designed for educators K-12. No prior coding experience is necessary but you may also be interested in Advanced Coding: Embedding Computational Thinking or Introduction to Coding in the Classroom.

All references and materials are located online.

Time commitment: 3-5 hours (approx.) per module.  18-30 hours (approx) for the complete course.
(Note: The Facilitated and For Credit course options have specific timeframes and deadlines)



In this course, participants will learn some basic coding and programming skills and combine them with computational and design thinking strategies to help your students analyze and design solutions to real-world problems.  Participants will be able to show your students that coding and programming are not just things for other people, but languages anyone can use to create and communicate.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand and identify ways in which computational thinking can be applied in the classroom;
  • Recognize that computational thinking and lateral thinking can develop problem-solving skills;
  • Understand ways in which coding and design principles and processes can be applied to creating solutions to real-world problems;
  • Understand the ways in which design thinking and app design strategies can generate creative, effective and meaningful solutions;
  • Use coding/programming as a way to deepen and extend student learning; and
  • View app design from a computational thinking perspective.



Additional information

Course Type

Self-Paced – $147.00, Facilitated – $197.00, Heritage – $397.00


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