Digital Citizenship in the Classroom



Now, more than ever before, learning how to live in a community with rights and responsibilities, are skills we must continue to help students develop. This Recommended Course of three (3) modules has been designed for you to help your students keep themselves accountable for their actions, stay safe online, and to use critical thinking skills to find and evaluate reliable information online.


Course Overview

What’s Inside?

The three (3) modules in this Recommended Course are:

Module 1: Empowering Your Students to be Responsible in the Digital World

  • Identify policies and procedures that are currently stifling student creativity; and
  • Evaluate existing AUP/RUPs.

Module 2: Staying Safe in a Digital World

  • Create an environment that encourages empowerment;
  • Compare various viewpoints and arguments for privacy and protection online; and
  • Determine appropriate ways to share learning within your classroom with students.

Module 3: Integrating Digital Citizenship into Your Curriculum

  • Emphasize the importance of meaningful digital citizenship integration; and
  • Identify ways that Digital Citizenship can be consistently and meaningfully integrated into the curriculum.


Time Commitment

This is a completely self-paced online course with 3 modules. You decide when you start and when you finish!

We estimate approximately 3-5 hours to complete each module (9 – 15 hours to complete all three).

Take as little or as long as you want/need to finish with access to this course for a year from your purchase date!


Who is this course for?

This course is appropriate for all school staff (administrators, teachers, coaches, support staff and instructional assistants), applicable K-12. References and materials are located online.


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