Designing a Parent Learning Program


No Certificate: No facilitator, feedback or course credit.

With Certificate: For educators seeking clock hour credits, course work assessed after completion (additional cost to TCSJ)



Supporting your parent community in their understanding of technology-rich learning can be challenging and time-consuming. This course is designed to help you not only better understand the concerns that parents have about learning in digital spaces, but also to provide you with key resources, strategies and tips to design a parent learning program to keep all stakeholders in your school community informed and engaged.

Our hope is that you can take the Parenting in the Digital Age (PITDA) courses and implement them as a Parent Learning Program in your school community.

6 Modules include:

   – Understanding the New Learning Landscape: Exploring new ways that students are learning with technology today.

   – Technology Never Sleeps: From phones, to laptops, to tablets, strategies for effectively managing distractions, and finding balance, with multiple devices at home.

   – Citizenship in a Digital World: Learning how to build safe, responsible & respectful habits with your children.

   – Social Media and Your Child: From Snapchat to Instagram, how, what and why are kids sharing online?

   – It’s A Visual World: Helping your child to navigate and manage what they see in a media-rich world.

   – Embracing Creativity: Going Beyond the Tools: Where and how are students expressing themselves, exploring their passions and developing essential skills in creative digital spaces.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course, you will be able to:

     –  Understand and be able to address the key concerns that parents have about technology-rich learning;

     –  Be able to confidently articulate the purpose of technology-rich learning, at a school-wide level; and

     –  Design and create a long-term parent learning program to help all stakeholders in their school community understand their school’s technology-rich learning environment.

Time Commitment:

20 – 35 hours (approx)

Course Access Ends:

One Year from Purchase Date

Certificate Option:

For educators who need clock hour credits, the Certificate option provides a Certificate of Completion with course hours listed to be used with Teachers College of San Joaquin Professional Learning Center continuing education credits.


No Certificate Option:

The “no certificate” option is designed for you to work at your own pace, therefore there is no course facilitator or feedback.


Who is this course for?

Applicable for teachers, coaches, and/or leaders working with and supporting parents in a technology-rich environment, looking to develop and put in place a support program for parents in their school community.

All reference materials located online.

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