The Coach Mastermind


A private, semester-long, group-coaching experience exclusively for The Coach graduates where you’ll learn how to leverage your coaching skills into further leadership, with curated content and group coaching calls to stay connected to the global The Coach community.


A private group-coaching experience exclusively for The Coach graduates

Created at your request, because…

1: It’s the community of like-minded, engaged and passionate educators who want to continue to grow that I know you all found so valuable in The Coach – connected again! And not just with those that were in YOUR cohort, it’s the opportunity for graduates of ALL the cohorts in one place.

2: We know how small the world of international schools really is – staying connected in these kinds of professional conversations could actually lead to a new job.

3: This community can continue to grow as more and more educators graduate from The Coach.

4: Many of you have asked for the opportunity to discuss and connect around leveraging your coaching skills into the next professional step – and for many of you, that’s leadership.

Learn How to Leverage Your Coaching Skills

This semester-long learning experience includes modules about…

– Seeing Yourself as a Leader: Recognizing the Leadership Skills You’re Already Building as a Coach

– Coaching Up! Working with School Leadership as a Coach

– The Coach as Change Agent

– Navigating the Next Step: Where could coaching lead you?


– An opportunity to mentor new coaches inside the current The Coach global cohort – if you’re looking for ways to support new and aspiring coaches, this is it!

– An opportunity to request and co-design additional modules that meet your needs, right now, in your environment.

Real-Time Group Coaching Calls

– Group coaching conversations on a regular basis so we can support each other in leveraging our leadership in our unique contexts.

– Monthly Group Coaching Calls (in Jan, Feb, Mar, April, May) based on time zones (total of 5 calls).

– Likely between 4-6pm BKK and/or 7-9am BKK (but we’ll see once we have our cohort).

– Continued Slack access to connect outside of group coaching calls.

Keep Growing

If this program is successful, we’ll extend it beyond the semester & continue adding content!


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