Live Workshop 2023 Season Pass


Join Kim for a full season of 1-hour live workshops discussing the all of the key themes that come up in our courses for Instructional Coaches. These are real-time events, so you can see what it’s like to learn with Kim, and get your instructional coaching questions answered!

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Join Kim for a full season of live workshops!

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No time for a full course?

Want just the highlights of the conversations inside all of the courses that Kim teaches?

Get a season pass of all the live workshops in 2023!

Topics Include….

Coaching as the Key to Sustainable Professional Growth – Jan 2023

Embracing Your Leadership Mindset as a Coach – Mar 2023

How do you know if your coaching is working? Measuring Your Impact – May 2023

Essential Mindset Shifts for New Instructional Coaches – Aug 2023

Being Intentional in Your Role as a Coach – Oct 2023

Bringing Self Care to Work – Dec 2023

Get Your Questions About Instructional Coaching Answered!

Come with questions, there will be time for discussion throughout!


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