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Supporting Your Parent Community


We know that parents are our strongest partners in learning. Helping them understand why and how we are using technology at school is a key element for success in a technology-rich environment, but one that is often overlooked.

This Recommended Bundle of three courses provides a foundation for engaging and supporting your parent community through a variety of strategies, including parent coffee mornings, community focus groups and ongoing professional learning for parents.

After completing this bundle of three (3) courses you will be able to:

  • Identify, understand and address the key concerns that parents have about technology-rich learning;
  • Identify and select a variety of strategies to support parent learning that will work in your school setting;
  • Design and create a long-term parent learning program to help all stakeholders in their school community understand their school’s technology-rich learning environment;
  • Develop successful and positive partnerships with parents to promote technology-rich learning in your school;
  • Highlight the skills that students are learning through their use of technology, help parents identify those skills by making parallels to their learning; and
  • Confidently articulate the purpose of technology-rich learning, at a school-wide level.


Time Commitment: Each course takes approximately 3-5 hours to complete; 9-15 hours (approx) for the complete bundle.


Applicable for anyone in a coaching role, or just starting out in a coaching position; K-12 teachers, staff development trainers, administrators, or anyone looking to organize and run a parent community support program.

All references and materials are located online.


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