Supporting Your Parent Community


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Is your school a technology-rich learning environment?

Are you regularly fielding questions from parents who are unsure about how technology can support and enhance learning?

Do you need to create an effective learning program to help support parents?

Our Recommended Bundle: Supporting Your Parent Community is for YOU!


Course Overview

What’s Inside?


We have EVERYTHING you need to design and create a parent learning program with this Recommended Course!

This course includes three (3) modules designed to provide a foundation for engaging and supporting your parent community through a variety of strategies, including parent coffee mornings, community focus groups and ongoing professional learning for parents.

The three (3) modules in this course are:

Course 1: Engaging Your Parent Community
We know that parents are our strongest partners in learning. Helping them understand why and how we are using technology at school is a key element for success in a technology-rich environment, but one that is often overlooked. This course is designed to help you better understand the concerns that parents have about learning in digital spaces and provides you with key resources, strategies, and tips to engage your parent community in ongoing conversations and experience about technology for learning.


Course 2: Leading Parent Learning
For many teachers and coaches alike, leading a parent training session can be stressful. We can be totally comfortable presenting in front of an audience of teachers, but when it comes to parents, we’re not always sure exactly the right tone to take, or how to structure the session. In our experience, the best way to work with parents is to essentially do exactly what you would do with teachers – perhaps with a little more guidance and a little less jargon, but we have found that sessions that put parents as the learners as the focus work best.


Course 3: Partnering with Parents: Conversations for Deeper Learning
In this course, we’re going to dig a little deeper into parent learning so we can focus in on how to design an individual activity within a parent learning session, and identify the key elements for success in facilitating a deep learning conversation with parents.


Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course, you will be able to:

–  Identify, understand and address the key concerns that parents have about technology-rich learning;

–  Identify and select a variety of strategies to support parent learning that will work in your school setting;

–  Design and create a long-term parent learning program to help all stakeholders in their school community understand their school’s technology-rich learning environment;

–  Develop successful and positive partnerships with parents to promote technology-rich learning in your school;

–  Highlight the skills that students are learning through their use of technology, help parents identify those skills by making parallels to their learning; and

–  Confidently articulate the purpose of technology-rich learning, at a school-wide level.


Time Commitment

This is a completely self-paced online course with 3 modules. You decide when you start and when you finish!

We estimate approximately 3-5 hours to complete each module (9 – 15 hours to complete all three).

Take as little or as long as you want/need to finish with access to this course for a year from your purchase date!



Who is this suitable for?

Applicable for anyone in a coaching role, or just starting out in a coaching position; K-12 teachers, staff development trainers, administrators, or anyone looking to increase their coaching skills and processes.

All references and materials are located online.



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